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Volunteer and internships with Sustainable Bolivia, South America

OUR MISSION: To promote economic and environmental sustainability through international collaboration with local Bolivian initiatives.

WHO WE ARE Sustainable Bolivia is a non-profit community of 36 partner organizations in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Our primary objective is to procure much needed human and financial resources for our partners, while providing international students and professionals access to global educational opportunities and practical work experience.

VOLUNTEER AND INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES All of our volunteer placements match individual skills and interests to local needs to assure the most rewarding experience. Our volunteers and interns contribute to a range of projects spanning from education, health, environmental conservation, ecological construction, cultural and biological conservation, microfinance, women’s empowerment, and much more.

SUSTAINABLE BOLIVIA LANGUAGE SCHOOL Our Spanish and Quechua classes provide high quality instruction for students of all levels and ages. All the profits from our lessons are reinvested to help support the work of our organization. Our philosophy facilitates a positive studying environment while allowing us to employ the most qualified teachers in Cochabamba.

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM This program was established to provide scholarships to qualified Bolivian students who would otherwise be unable to attend university. Working with our partner organizations, we select students based on need and academic achievement.

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Over 700 volunteers from 43 countries, SB has provided over $150,000 of direct financial support. more...

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