Promoting Economic and Environmental Sustainability

Through International Collaboration with Local Bolivian Initiatives

What is Sustainable Bolivia?

SB is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization supporting grass-root initiatives in the Bolivian Amazon.

In 2016, we helped secure more than 20,000 hectares of rainforest, establishing the Aquicuana Reserve.

Accessible from the city of Riberalta, the Reserve is extremely biodiverse and home to two indigenous communities (San Jose and Warnes).

With the help of Fundacion Amazonia and Pisatahua, SB works to protect and expand the Reserve, while empowering our neighboring communities.

Together, we provide human and financial resources to support projects focused on ecotourism, regenerative agriculture, health and education.

In partnership with local residents, we organize expeditions in the Aquicuana Reserve.  Opportunities include guided nature hikes, bird-watching, canoe rides and fishing.

Sustainable Bolivia acts as Pisatahua sister non-profit.  Together we support local knowledge and establish economic opportunities for our neighbors in the Reserve.

We oversee reforestation projects, build gardens and compost.  Our aim is to enhance food security, regenerate topsoil and increase biodiversity.

Volunteer & Research Support

SB facilitates volunteer and research opportunities in Riberalta and the Aquicuana Reserve.

We maintain a communal home, organize social gatherings, workshops, grant-funding & access to community tourism projects.

We are always looking for artists, writers, researches, healers and inspiration people from all walks of life.

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