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Spitting Llama

The Spitting Llama Bookstore & Outfitter was founded on March 10th, 2007 by Rommy Cornejo Diaz and David Holman in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  In addition to Cochabamba, they have since expanded and now have locations in both Copacabana and La Paz.  They are Bolivia’s only multi-lingual bookstores and they sell a wide range of camping and trekking gear to foreigners and nationals alike. The Spitting Llama’s is a 100% Bolivian-owned business and have 10 full and part time employees at their 3 stores. They have books in over 30 languages and also specialize in indigenous languages of the region such as Quechua and Aymará.  Sustainable Bolivia maintains a close relationship with The Spitting Llama, its owners and employees.  We highly recommend them to our volunteers and anyone traveling in Bolivia.

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