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The foundation for the promotion of socio-habitational change, PROCASHA is a non-profit made up of professionals from different disciplines committed to the issue of habitat in Bolivia. Initially established in August 2001 as a space for research, analysis and project development, PROCASHA aims to aid in the search for housing alternatives that will allow people from low-income backgrounds to have access to adequate housing. It also provides housing cooperatives internship and volunteering, a important help for the organisation.


To promote housing cooperatives through mutual aid and service co-operations for the socio-habitational improvement of under-served communities and as alternatives to the construction of housing.


To train teams that specialize in providing technical advice and management for the creation of methodologies and that facilitate the improvement of socio-habitational change and the development of actions for the design and implementation of equitable, fair and inclusive public habitational policies at all levels of the Plurinational state.

Current Projects

Business Management and Strengthening of Associated Cooperatives

  • Management of simplified accounting systems for cooperatives
  • Publicity of cooperatives to potential funders
  • Management trainings for private/public sectors
  • Development of business vision & mission
  • Identifying cooperative branding
  • Participation in construction events

Adult Education and Training

  • Themes: gender, self-esteem, conflict resolution
  • Basic training in Microsoft Package (Word, Excel, Internet) and budgeting
  • Leadership and Public Speaking
  • Difference of Surplus & Profits (Business Management)

Childcare Development

  • Development of pre-school childcare options
  • Development of “alternative activities” for school-aged children in childcare (art, sports, computation, dance, theater, etc.)
  • Creation of alternative spaces for childcare
  • Design and application of child development activities

Internal to PROCASHA

  • International fundraising research & options
  • Website management
  • Creation & implementation of resource library
  • Creation of informative materials
  • Research/develop construction tools, clothing, and materials for females
  • Development of internal communication tools between cooperatives and computation systems/programs to improve work of PROCASHA.

Volunteer/Internship Requirements

  Spanish Upper intermediate
  Minimum commitment 3 months (preferably 6-12 months)
  Related knowledge/skills University degree and experience in: project management, training, architecture, engineering, social work, gender issues
Ability to work independently and in a group
Have knowledge of housing organizations/coops
Marketing / Fundraising experience (optional)