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CAICC: Centro de Apoyo Integral Carcelario y Comunitario



CAICC serves children and adolescents who are abandoned because their parents are either incarcerated or have migrated to other countries to search for economic opportunities. CAICC also offers its services to youth from dysfunctional families who may be at risk. The organization was founded in 1994 by a group of travelers volunteering in Cochabamba, who realized the need for an education and support system for children who lived in prison with their parents. In order to do that, the organisation welcomes anyone who want to do volunteer work with abandoned children in Bolivia. CAICC also offers training workshops and talks to the parents.


The primary goal of CAICC is to offer the children a space in which they can grow. It strives to help them develop their self-esteem and discover their potential. CAICC offers recreational activities, a balanced diet, and sees that children attend school.


CAICC currently aids 171 children and adolescents ranging from one to eighteen years old. 70% of these are children of incarcerated or ex-incarcerated individuals, while the other 30% come from low income families where volatile situations prevail.

Current Projects

  • The San Sebastian Children’s Day Care Center: The Day Care Center serves fifty-one children between one and six years old. The center offers education, health care, and a nutritional meal plan.
  • APRE School: The school serves 120 children between seven and eighteen years old. The school provides a safe environment in which the children can be helped with homework, engage in extracurricular activities, have a nutritional meal, and interact with other children, thus providing them with a sense of normality.
  • In addition to medical care, CAICC also offers psychological (clinical, social, educational) attention to all children who partake in the CAICC programs.
  • CAICC has made various attempts at becoming more self-sufficient through micro-enterprise. They own industrial ovens, which they used for a bakery. The older CAICC kids are very interested in participating in this project, however need assistance in developing budgets, business plans, etc. Volunteers with an interest in micro-business, finance, and training are much needed to help this project successfully take off.

Volunteer/Internship Requirements

  Spanish   Beginner
  Minimum commitment   1 month
  Related knowledge/skills   Willingness to work with children from difficult backgrounds
  Open minded, tolerant, and patient
  Other details: