Vivo en Positivo

Vivo en Positivo is a civil, non-profit organization formed by people diagnosed with HIV / AIDS. It was created with the purpose of contributing to better quality of life for children, women and men with HIV / AIDS and reducing the risk of infection, especially on the “high risk” – population and the population in general by carrying out programs and projects locally and nationwide.

In order to reach these objectives, the following programs have been developed:

AIDS Prevention: program to promote a healthy life for people with HIV. This includes activities to learn to live with HIV, improve health, nutrition and self-esteem, among others.

HIV Prevention: actions to prevent the population from getting infected. This work is focused on “high risk” population.

Human Rights Promotion: program in which we promote respect to people living with HIV / AIDS. It also contributes in decreasing the stigma and discrimination related to the HIV.

Organizational Strength: with components of strengthening and empowerment to people with HIV / AIDS and to the organizations or groups working on fighting HIV / AIDS

Political Impact: actions to have an effect on government authorities in order to implement and comply with the 3729 Law.

Vivo en Positivo covers the Valles region (Cochabamba, Chuquisaca and Tarija – Yacuiba), as its geographic range of action.

As part of the associations’ institutional strategic plan, we define:

MISSION: Girls, Boys, Women and Men diagnosed with HIV live in a country which has effective policies on comprehensive attention and prevention in an environment free of stigma, discrimination and has put into motion the communities in order to confront the epidemic challenges.

VISION: Vivo en Positivo exists to contribute to the integral health, empowering girls, boys, women and men with HIV / AIDS, promoting human rights abidance and raising awareness in the communities in order to give a comprehensive focus on HIV / AIDS in Cochabamba and with regional and national projection.

The Vivo en Positivo Association acknowledges, as the foundation of its work, the following values and principles: Confidentiality, Solidarity, Respect, Reciprocity and Inclusion.


In 1997, people of both genders living with HIV or AIDS (PVVS) gathered together in the city of Cochabamba, with the support of the SidAcción program of the Institute of Human Development (IDH), in order to establish the first self-help group in Bolivia under the name “Vivo en Positivo” (VIVO+)

VIVO+ works closely with the National and Regional ITS/VIH-SIDA Program, as well as with the Political Impact on HIV and AIDS Project in the Departments of La Paz, Oruro, Chuquisaca, Tarija and Cochabamba, so that people affected by HIV / AIDS have access to medical services and antiretroviral treatments. VIVO+, from its beginning as a self-help group, has a prominent role promoting and defending PVVS human rights. Since 2005, it supports the foundation and organization of “Mujeres y Vihda”, a group working on the empowerment of women living with HIV in Cochabamba.

From 2006, VIVO+ starts working as a civil, non-profit organization carrying out projects in the Department of Cochabamba. From there on, it plans to face the challenges of working with children living with HIV or affected by the epidemic, with actions to achieve services in benefit our boy and girls, as well as with actions focusing on vertical transmission prevention.


  1. To contribute to improve the quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS in a regional and national level, through information, communication, political impact.
  2. To contribute to promote Human and Constitutional Rights respect for people living with HIV and high risk populations, with an integral emphasis.
  3. To promote equal and ethic exchanges between the society, people with HIV and high risk populations that go from training and information about HIV prevention to people with HIV respect.
  4. To promote a change in attitude in order to prevent risk situations and HIV/AIDS transmission in high risk populations.


  • To provide direct support to the Association’s staff and users, to implement projects or to do fundraising in order to improve the infrastructure and contribute to the execution of Association projects.
  • To provide training or share experiences in different areas to our staff and users. To work with volunteers in promotion and upkeep of the website, newsletters and other projects related to institutional image and communications implementation.
  • To provide psycho-pedagogical, social and health support to our users: children, women and men affected or living with HIV/AIDS.
  • To support the work and implementation of the program for children affected or living with HIV.


  • Minimum stay commitment of one month.
  • Minimum age requirement: 22 years old.
  • High Intermediate Spanish.
  • True commitment to serve people with HIV/AIDS, including women, children and teenagers.
  • Open spirit and willingness to learn and accept new concepts and ways to do things.
  • Respect to cultural and religious differences, with a willingness to adapt to a new environment.