I came back !

I am the kind of traveler who wants to visit as many different parts of the world as possible. For the first time of my life, I decided to return in a previous destination : Riberalta. Why ? Let me explain. Some destinations, are just so special that even the most adventurous travelers want to return again and again. For me Riberalta was this kind of place. The destinations that draw me back are the ones where I feel a connection with the place or the culture, a need to explore more and dive beneath the surface. Beautiful tourist sights […]Read More »
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Volunteering with SB – A Professional and Personal Perspective

A couple of months ago, I made the decision to leave home for a few months and come volunteer for Sustainable Bolivia. This opportunity presented itself at the right moment in my life, just when I was looking on a way to keep travelling, but with a purpose; enabling me to mix my passion for diving head first in a new culture while using my school and work training to help. I have come to realized that as long as I work for something I find inspiring, I am happy.   I have been living in the heart of the […]Read More »
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Protect The Legacy of the Amazonian Bolivian Jungle

I will be an intern here, in Riberalta, at Sustainable Bolivia for about 4 months! It’s my first solo trip, first trip of more than a month and first time in Latin America, it’s a lot of first times! Upon my arrival on the 3th of February 2019 I met a family at the airport of Riberalta which directly integrated me and even invited to eat. I’m still in contact with them because I really connected with this family. Thanks to them I have already learned a lot of Spanish, about the city of Riberalta and about this strange habit […]Read More »
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Flow of emotions in Riberalta

I was overwhelmed by a lot of emotions: flavors, colors, smells… different cultures that mixed up, painting the portrait of another world! Everything started with a small propeller plane that would have brought me to Riberalta: “the pearl of the amazon” and the mysterious coincidence of finding dawn Alba and Erik my first companions of this adventure. At high altitude the small bombardier of the amazon airlines was struggling to stabilize due to the air pockets and my hands began to sweat. Don’t worry! I looked out the window and found a natural tranquilizer: the magic amazon! An expanse of […]Read More »
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Ecotourism at Sustainable Bolivia

El río Amazonas,  ha sido reconocido como una de las Siete Maravillas Naturales del Mundo, y  toda la cuenca del Amazonas representa más de la mitad de la selva tropical del planeta. La biodiversidad e inmensa belleza natural del Amazonas, sus especias endémicas, cultura y tradición de distintos grupos étnicos, hacen que sea un gran atractivo turístico y que personas de todo el mundo viajen para conocer “El Pulmón del Planeta.” Para su conservación, Sustainable Bolivia promueve un tipo de turismo comunitario. Es decir, se ofrece el turismo como una alternativa económica de las comunidades rurales, con el objetivo de […]Read More »
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La Primera Semana – El Orfanato

The orphanage – We directly visited the orphanage the morning after we arrived in Riberalta. Me and my roommate Pablo from Italy will be working in the orphanage several days in the week. We are a good team, we have the same humor and we are almost always on the same page. Prior to visiting the orphanage I expected to be nervous. However, new impressions came in so quickly I didn’t have time to be nervous. Acceptation of the situation followed. From the moment we entered the orphanage I couldn’t believe my eyes. Wow, what a big colourful place with […]Read More »
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An other first experience !

It has been a week since I arrived in Riberalta and I have the feeling that many things have happened. When I arrived, seeing the Amazon from the plane was a very shocking moment for me. It was the first time that I finally saw with my own eyes something of what I had heard so many times, and I could not believe that I was on the other side of the pond seeing it for myself. Life in Riberalta is very different from the life to which I am used to live. The first days was a big shock. […]Read More »
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