Safari in the Amazons: an adventure in the Pampas del Yacuma

Going to the Pampas of Yacuma was a coincidence of the destiny and turned out to be a “must” on the checklist if you are in the Bolivia. I had heard about Madidi Park in Rurrenabaque, but never about this hidden gem in the depths of Santa Rosa del Yacuma, a small city located about 8 hours from Riberalta (with the roads here, everything is relative as to the distances). This municipal protected area was created in 2007 and covers a bit more than 616, 000 hectares, a huge Bolivian savanna with a great biodiversity of species that live in […]Read More »
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Process Over Product

  The presence of creative expression in ones life can make a difference in almost all aspects of their life experience. How one feels emotionally and even physically can be changed through the process of making art. The physical motion of manipulating a pencil, crayon, or paintbrush is enabling youth to practice and refine motor schools. Art can effetely help to teach other subjects such as math, reading, and writing. Beyond that, creative expression through art making can boost self confidence and encourage creative and independent thinking, as well as encourage young people to have the ability to process their world […]Read More »
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Endangered species in Riberalta

Being in Riberalta since February of this year, my interest for the protection of the local biodiversity has grown continuously. Today, I wanted to share with you my concern for the endangered animals living in the jungle: what are those  animals, what are the risks and what are our actions, as volunteers of Sustainable Bolivia, working within Aquicuana Reserve, to contribute to their protection. The existence of the Reserve holds importance because of its high biodiversity and the fact that it is home to a number of endangered species. We can classify them in two different scales of risk; the […]Read More »
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Environmental Education in Riberalta

Environmental Education with Students from Casa Segura According to national geographic, by the year 2015 humans had created 6.3 billion metric tons of plastic waste. Of that number 9 % was recycled, 12% was incinerated, and 79% either ended up in landfills or the natural environment such as oceans and rivers. Here in Riberalta, Bolivia, home to the point where the Madre de Dios River joins the Beni River, the people of this community utilize incineration as their strategy for handling waste. However, as I walk through this beautiful pueblo I notice vast amounts of plastic, aluminum, and glass in […]Read More »
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“La Cabaña”, amazonian ecoproject

    Living in the Amazon is a constant responsibility. Everything here is reduced to the preservation, sustainability and protection of the ecosystem, something that does not seem exaggerated to me, because we are standing in the heart of the planet. Fortunately, today, a total of 20,000 hectares of the Bolivian Amazon are protected thanks to the creation of the “Aquicuana Natural Reserve”, a project between local authorities and organizations such as Sustainable Bolivia and Fundación Amazonía that took about two decades to carry out. In this Sanctuary of Nature live two communities, descendants of the original Tacana people: the […]Read More »
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Our art resident organises a sustainable Fashion Show

You can find here our youtube video where Sofia explains her action       A sustainable Fashion show   Sophia Hatzikos spent a month with Sustainable Bolivia for an art residency. The young student from Portland, Oregon (United States), used all her creativity in Riberalta to carry out ingenious projects. One of them was to focus on the reuse of a material that was very present in this city of the Amazon to turn it into something else. That’s how she decided to pick up plastic bags from the nuts factory that were trash, to transform them into clothing. […]Read More »
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Cachuela Esperanza

Cachuela Esperanza, the town where the butterflies are abundant Without knowing much about this place, we decided to spend a day at Cachuela Esperanza. On the map, it is one of the closest villages around Riberalta. We did not really know how long it would take us to get there. At the time, the only thing we knew about Cachuela Esperanza , was that it had its glory days when Nicolás Suárez arrived to found his rubber empire in 1872. Like any operations center, it grew and a school was built, a theater – one of the most luxurious of […]Read More »
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