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Casa de los Niños



The “Casa de los Niños” is a non-profit foundation supported by friends in Italy, and run by “friends and volunteers” in Cochabamba. The foundation currently has four projects that have developed through their years of experience and understanding the needs of the population with whom they work. In theses projects interested people can do volunteer work with poor children and families.



Current Projects

There are currently 4 projects that Casa de los Niños offers to the population whom they serve based on what they have observed to be their most predominant needs.

  1. Casa de los Niños” offers a Home to abandoned, sick, and at-risk children, where they are able to reside until a viable solution is presented to meet their social, family, or health needs. The support that Casa de los Niños provides is made possible through different institutions (SEDEGES, Defensoría y Juzgados de la Niñez y Adolscencia) that aim to protect the rights of children and youth in at-risk situations.
  2. Rainbow Community supports families with difficult pasts so that they, and their children, can have brighter futures. Currently more than 80 families are part of this peaceful community.
  3. Education Project of the Peaceful Rainbow – educational project to support the children and youth living in the Rainbow Community and have some need or at-risk situation. The school includes therapeutic support, physiotherapy, and education for children and youth with developmental challenges, in addition to supporting other institutions who work with a similar population.
  4. “Paolo Maraza” Project – for families, mother, and children who are sick, especially with HIV or Tuberculosis. The main focus of this project is to meet whatever need this population may have, whether it be temporary housing, nutrition, medical care, clothing, or belonging to a community. This work is made possible through coordination with the following projects: REDBOL, Vivo en Positivo, Vivir en Familia, etc.
  5. In addition to these projects, the foundation also serves and supports children living in the streets, incarcerated women, and children from the Altiplano and Tropics who need educational, nutritional, or medical attention, but most especially, a friend.

Volunteer/Internship Requirements

  Spanish Intermediate
  Minimum commitment 2 months
  Related knowledge/skills Knowledge or Experience in Physiotherapy, Medicine, Education, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Nutrition, Nursing, and Special Education
Willingness to help those in need
Willingness to pitch in with other projects of the Foundation
  Other details: Volunteer must be 21 years or older