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Centro Ecuestre Tunari



The Equestrian Center of Tunari was founded in 2003 as a private initiative to provide access to horseback riding to individuals of all abilities. They have since developed their Equestrian Therapy programs, which specifically cater to children with developmental and mental challenges. The Equestrian Center serves as an economical option for horseback riding enthusiasts (or new learners!), in addition to offering Equestrian Therapy to children from local schools. These services are provided at little to no cost, depending on the available resources for each child and family. In 2014, they finalized the installation of their physical therapy audiovisual room, to further support the children with developmental challenges that they serve.


Provide specialized care and more intensive attention to children with developmental challenges in Bolivia.


Currently, specialized care for children with developmental challenges in Bolivia is very limited, especially for families with fewer resources. In order to provide specialized care and more intensive attention to these children, The Equestrian Center of Tunari has developed partnerships with local schools to serve these children (at least once a week) and also offers horse volunteering opportunities in Bolivia. They provide their care to all families, regardless of their ability to pay, and strive to further develop their facilities to provide more comprehensive care to children with developmental challenges.

Current Projects

  • Support team in Equestrian Therapy sessions (3 people needed/horse & child)
  • Provide educational workshops/activities on physical therapy techniques to partner schools. Provide more PT and OT opportunities to low-income children in these schools
  • Care for therapy horses
  • Manage their Soccer School (Tuesday-Saturday mornings)
  • Develop website and promotional materials
  • General Maintenance & Upkeep on farm

Volunteer/Internship Requirements

  Spanish Beginner
  Minimum commitment 1 month
  Related knowledge/skills Have experience in physical therapy (preferred but not required)
Be patient and dedicated to all children of all ages and abilities
Marketing / Fundraising experience (optional)