Community Based Ecotourism Coordinator

Sustainable Bolivia is looking for volunteers interested in supporting ecotourism projects in the Bolivian Amazon, around the city of Riberalta. Working alongside the municipal government and local communities, Sustainable Bolivia helped establish a new 20,000+ hectare reserve in the Bolivian Amazon in 2016, the Aquicuana Reserve.

This area of remarkable beauty and unsurpassed biologically diversity is now protected from agriculture expansion, ranching, logging, mining and natural resource extraction. Sustainable Bolivia, helps manage the reserve, ensuring that deforestation and degradation of lakes and rivers are alleviated.

To support conservation efforts and provide a sustainable income, SB is working alongside the local government and two communities inside the reserve to promote local ecotourism projects. Proposed initiatives include guided nature hikes, plant medicine, canoe rides, bird watching and fishing.

SB is looking for volunteers interested in supporting this project. Support can include:

  • Marketing, blogging, photography, videos and creating promotional materials
  • Translation/guide-services inside the reserve
  • Capacity building & training
  • Fundraising
  • Cooking and nutritional services
  • Plant identification and mapping
  • Mycology
  • Assisting in reforestation efforts
  • Artesenia and local craft production

To apply please fill in the form here. For more information, please contact us here or at