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Angeline Annesteus Haiti : "I came across Sustainible Bolivia as I was looking online for a non-profit organization to do an internship...." Read More
Maryam Khatami Iran : "My stay in Cochabamba and volunteering at La Colonia orphanage for a month was rewarding and exciting! I am glad to have had this experience through Sustainable Bolivia. ..." Read More
Christian Knipfer United States : "My experience with SB exceeded all of the expectations I had for this year of my life...." Read More
Nicole Suarez Bolivia : "Bolivia is a country that has many things that are still in need of discovery. Before I came into the country, I was interested in giving to the community..." Read More
Joanna Animashaun England : "After travelling around South America for 7 months I decided to do some volunteering, and after searching the internet I found Sustainable Bolivia. It was great for me as it was easy to organise and being at the end of my budget it was still affordable..." Read More
Gordon Bae Canada : "As I searched online for volunteer opportunities abroad during the summer, I came across the Sustainable Bolivia website. I found that Sustainable Bolivia offered a wide range of volunteer programs from medical relief to microfinance..." Read More
Katelyn Banner United States : "On a whim, I did an internet search for volunteer work and found Sustainable Bolivia. I hadn't planned to go to Bolivia, but quickly changed my mind after scowering the website..." Read More
Fernanda Barbosa Brazil : "It was around four in the morning when I arrived in Cochabamba. I couldn't quite find the right address and, after spending 6 hours between flights and 10 in a bus from Santa Cruz, I was..." Read More
Charles Beddingfield United States : "Through the options of Spanish classes, a homestay or a house in the middle of the city, a job working directly with or without people, and work with or independent of an open and friendly staff, Sustainable Bolivia..." Read More
Emily Bland Germany : "Ich war drei Monate lang Freiwillige bei Mosoj Yan, einer Organisation für Mädchen die keine Eltern haben......" Read More
Michael Brossman Germany : "Bevor ich mich dazu entschloss, mich als Volunteer bei Sustainable Bolivia zu bewerben, habe ich sehr viel Zeit damit verbracht, im Internet nach einer passenden NGO zu suchen. Für mich war dabei insbesondere wichtig, dass die..." Read More
Anja Brunner Germany : "I am from Fuerstenzell, Germany, and I have been a volunteer with INFANTE for about four months. I have been working in the Centro Infantil Estrellitas-Waritas and the Casa de la Mujer..." Read More
Catherine Carlstedt United States : "I was looking to volunteer somewhere in Bolivia and with luck, I happened to find Sustainable Bolivia, in the same city where my boyfriend and his medical school colleagues were traveling...." Read More
Robert Cornwell United States : "I came across Sustainable Bolivia while researching legal internships in Human Rights for my first summer as a Law Student. I contacted Erik and asked him about internship opportunities that the Sustainable Bolivia could offer...." Read More
Emily Dansereau United States : "Like many people, I located Sustainable Bolivia through the internet. My friend Brindha and I were scrambling to make plans for the summer, and applications for funding were due in under two weeks! ..." Read More
Antonio de Guadalupe Uceta Perez Spain : "This trip was my second time in Bolivia. I wanted to be based in a single place so I could have the chance to interact with the locals and get to know the people and the culture..." Read More
Alicia DePaolo United States : "I found out about Sustainable Bolivia while researching non-profits and volunteer programs in South America during spring of my sophomore year of college. I wanted to gain experience living in a Spanish-speaking country while also..." Read More
Clement Dupont France : "Désireux de découvrir le monde de la microfinance, je me suis mis en quête d’un stage dans ce domaine sur internet. Au fil de mes recherches et après avoir ..." Read More
Jessica Fahey Australia : "Being a volunteer with Sustainable Bolivia is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your travel experience, embrace the local culture and meet loads of great people!..." Read More
Abel Gerrits Holland : "Abel Gerrits Holland..." Read More
Henriette Hanicotte France : "I have been studying business administration and economic of development and I was very interested in getting an experience with a microfinance institution. Sustainable Bolivia made my wish true by providing me..." Read More
Christine Jaquish Canada : "My time in Cochabamba with Sustainable Bolivia was definitely one of my best experiences in South America. After backpacking for several months it was great to settle into a town, get to know the people, culture..." Read More
Jillian Kirk Canada : "Unlike most travelers who think of volunteering abroad, I had not looked into any programs before arriving in Bolivia. I am so lucky to have found out about Sustainable Bolivia by chance. Sustainable Bolivia replied right away to my slightly..." Read More
Jesse Lalonde Canada : "I discovered Sustainable Bolivia while browsing looking for positions regarding community development in Latin America. I have long had an admiration with Latin American culture and where better to work on my Spanish than in the city of ..." Read More
Denise Lama Chile : "I found out about Sustainable Bolivia on the internet while researching internships on development in South America. The things that motivated me the most were that the program looked very organized, that it was affordable, and that a wide......" Read More
Maria Lourdes Spain : "Sin lugar a dudas Cochabamba fue uno de mis sitios favoritos en toda Bolivia! No me esperaba una ciudad tan acogedora y agradable para vivir..." Read More
Amber Macdonagh England : "I was traveling around South America for 7 months in total and wanted some organized volunteer placement as well as travelling by myself, found Sustainable Bolivia on the internet and had a chat with Erik. ..." Read More
Wendy McClellan Australia : "I arrived in Bolivia after volunteering in Mexico for 6 months and found a fabulous and supportive volunteer community. Shared dinners, weekend trips away, nights out, charlas and many a discussion on development and why we were all there were had...." Read More
Jonathan Morse United States : "I had a wonderful experience with Sustainable Bolivia in Cochabamba. I was looking for a graduate school internship during summer break and came upon SB on an internet search...." Read More
Sua Park South Korea : "The organization I worked for is called Mosoj Yan, a Christian organization established seventeen years ago in 1991. The organization is based entirely in the city of Cochabamba, and it employs..." Read More
Sophie Peeters Belgium : "Bolivia Sostenible m’a offert une expérience unique. J’ai été accueillie à bras ouverts par les employés, ainsi que par ma famille d’accueil. La famille..." Read More
Jason Pinger United States : "After graduating college, my goal was to take some time off to travel, to go do something fun and adventurous and hopefully learn a language. I looked at volunteer programs all over the internet and Sustainable Bolivia just sort of jumped out at me..." Read More
Claire Ranyard England : "This time round we were looking for a volunteer experience that would be a little more challenging and also more relevant to our skill set......" Read More
Ran Tan Canada : "When I originally started looking at volunteer programs, all I knew was that I wanted to go somewhere Spanish-speaking – it was really just luck that I ended up at Sustainable Bolivia after poking around the internet, and I’m very glad that I did..." Read More
Gary Weber United States : "The mobile school specifically was a great learning experience and I recommend working with that. It is a great feeling to help children in need. ..." Read More
Benjamin Wood Australia : "My decision to be a part of the Sustainable Bolivian team was quite out of the blue. I had been travelling already for most of the year and was keen just to stay put in one spot for a while..." Read More
Lily Young United States : "I knew I wanted to volunteer in South or Central America, and I narrowed my search to 3 programs in Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina. The reason I chose Sustainable Bolivia was..." Read More