Educar es Fiesta

Educar es fiesta was founded 1999 to provide opportunities in the performing arts to children without safe homes and in many cases living on the street. It has now expanded to include an educative and artistic center that teaches the processes of formation and integration of human and artistic values into life, taking into account the different dynamics of individuals and the characteristics of the population. Educar es fiesta runs a circus and theater school in northern Cochabamba providing the means for at risk children to participate in artistic workshops and performances. It offers arts internships with homeless children in Bolivia, mainly in Cochabamba. It also operates in a southern suburb of the city aiming to develop artistic schools for parents and single mothers, organize workshops that teach children about theater and the arts and give general pedagogical support, and artistic training courses for teachers.

Educar es fiesta was created as a center of artistic training and human creation. Its central objective is to improve the quality of life and development of artistic potentialities of children, adolescents and young people through an educative-creative-artistic process with participation of families, schools, important actors of the community and state public institutions. Using a unique methodology to reach communities and at-risk children using activities focused on the arts, Educar es fiesta also aims to contribute to the fortification of communities, families and children through the promotion of peace and conflict resolution, learning to treat others with respect, the raising of self-esteem and an awareness of human rights.

Who does Educar es fiesta help?
Educar es fiesta targets children and adolescents who are socially at risk or excluded. Many have suffered problems in their homes such as abuse and exploitation; some have lived on the streets, some work and some have been exposed to drug abuse and alcoholism. The organization is currently assisting 90 children in its artistic school and over 120 children in its outreach work.

Working conditions:
The central office and area for workshops is located about a 15 minutes bus ride from the city center. The permanent staff consists of professional teachers in dance, theater, music and acrobatics, as well as a director and administrative staff.

Educar es fiesta Programs:

Circo ‘a puertas abiertas’:

Provides a stable space focused on intercultural and artistic training for children and adolescents who are socially excluded. The circus consists of several areas: a training school, street performance, traveling performances for schools on violence prevention and artistic presentations. As of 2009 there is now a permanently-installed big top for putting on workshops and performances.

Casa de cultura rodante:

Operating in the region of Ushpa Ushpa, the Casa de cultura rodante is an itinerant workshop that provides children and adolescents with pedagogical support, gives training to future entertainers and performers, artistic training for teachers and artistic assistance with adult education.

Volunteer/Intern requirements:

  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Experience working with children
  • Interest in and knowledge of the performing arts
  • Willingness and ability to work with young people who have suffered abuse
  • Ability to work well in a team
  • Minimum commitment period of three months