Education and Youth Organizations

There are currently 13 education and youth organizations that work with Sustainable Bolivia.

serves children and adolescents whose parents are either incarcerated, or were abandoned because their parents have migrated to other countries in search of economic opportunities. Volunteers can help in either the day care center or the school.

is a civil research institution that focuses on issues of international relations, law, indigenism and politics. Volunteers may conduct their own research project, contribute to IDEI publications, or assess the legal positions in different Cochabamba…

is a foundation that focuses on the provision of training and educational projects for the most vulnerable groups in society. Volunteers are welcome in a variety of different areas, including environmental education, leadership, gender equality and…

ZOOPRAMA – Organization for the Protection of Animals and the Environment - is a civil NGO whose foundation is based upon the support of volunteers who hope to promote animal rights and protection. The organization works with birds of prey, street…

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