Environmental Education and Research

One of the best gifts we can give to future generations is environmental consciousness, stewardship and sustainability.

The “Guardians of the Amazon” Project

The “Guardians of the Amazon” project is an Ecological and Environmental Club that was created at the start of 2018 in the Warnes School, right at the entrance of the Aquicuana Reserve. It is made up of 70 children from the primary and secondary school.

The main goal of the Ecological Club is to analyze and develop social communication campaigns and practical activities in order to raise awareness locally to the children and the community on the environmental issues and encourage them to find solutions.

The idea is to involve the children, young people and adults into the ecological practices of cleaning up their surroundings while respecting the environmental world. The club also intends to create an environmental awareness within the young population in the community to lay the foundations for a more sustainable future.

Future plans

Educational Mini-Park in the Warnes School
An educational park on the grounds of the Warnes School has been proposed to be constructed as a green space for learning about culture, ecology, geography and environmental stewardship. The park would be used for workshops, exhibitions, inter-cultural exchange and as a community garden of traditional medicinal plants

Warnes Tourist Guides and Ecoaventura Institute
The Warner Ecoaventura Institute is a long-term project that combines environmental education, ecotourism and experiential learning. It will be an institute for local young people to study ecotourism.

The courses will give both theoretical and practical fundamentals necessary to carry out ecotourism.


We are looking for volunteers to maintain and further develop these projects. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities here. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.