Environmental Organizations

There are currently 11 environmental organizations that work with Sustainable Bolivia.

is a foundation that focuses on the provision of training and educational projects for the most vulnerable groups in society. Volunteers are welcome in a variety of different areas, including environmental education, leadership, gender equality and…

Alerta Verde promotes sustainable living and raises environmental awareness through the installation of urban gardens and school gardens in impoverished areas in the south of Cochabamba

SODIS for Latin America es a private and independent non-profit institution that works to promote solutions for better access to safe drinking water as a way to improve the health and well-being of families that live in rural or periurban areas.

CONCES (formerly UCCE/SISE) works in the construction of ecological bathrooms, training families about the use and benefits of ecological bathrooms, and waste reduction. They work with new ecological and sustainable technology for sanitation efforts…

ZOOPRAMA – Organization for the Protection of Animals and the Environment - is a civil NGO whose foundation is based upon the support of volunteers who hope to promote animal rights and protection. The organization works with birds of prey, street…

The Martín Cárdenas Botanic Garden is a botanical garden in the city of Cochabamba , is a member of the Association of Botanical Gardens of Latin America and the Caribbean , ( ALCJB ) and presents works for the International Agenda for Conservation…

We have setup our land to be a Permaculture Research centre which is situated in a highly productive region comprising small lot farmers. Our aims are to test, demonstrate and propagate environmentally and economically beneficial techniques while…

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