Patricia Lizbeth Caba Peñaranda


Patricia was born in Potosí in 1981. She began her education at Particular Panamericano school in Potosí and in 1994 she moved to Buenos Aires, […] Read More »

Andrea Castro Canelas


Andrea Castro Canelas was born in 1981 in Santa Cruz. She completed her studies in Applied Linguistics at the University of Mayor San Simon in […] Read More »

María Cardozo Aguilar

Spanish, Quechua

Maria was born in Cochabamba in 1958. She studied economics at the Universidad Mayor de San Simón and English at the Centro Boliviano Americano. She […] Read More »

Elizabeth Callapa Flores


Elizabeth was born in La Paz in 1978. When she was seven she moved to Villa Montes in Tarija and after completing high school she […] Read More »

Daysi Rivero Villaroel


Daysi Rivero Villarroel was born in Cochabamba in 1986. She studied Applied Linguistics and Language Acquisition at the University Mayor de San Simon. She worked […] Read More »

Jaqueline Guitierrez

Born in Oruro in 1982, Jaqueline remained there throughout primary and secondary school until she moved to the city of Cochabamba to study Linguistics. During […] Read More »

Liesbeth Albornoz Uriona


Liesbeth was born in the city of Cochabamba. She studied at the Las Esclavas de Sagrada Corazón de Jesús High School, also known as the […] Read More »

Keren Chupunavi Nuñez


Keren has a Bachelor in Tourism (2012) from the University « José Ballivian » and also made a complementary training (2013-2016) in English and in teaching (2016). […] Read More »