Claire Ranyard, England
After volunteering at a shanty town school in Peru for several months my boyfriend and I decided to move on to Bolivia. This time round […] Read More
Jillian Kirk, Canada
Unlike most travelers who think of volunteering abroad, I had not looked into any programs before arriving in Bolivia. I am so lucky to have […] Read More
Christian Knipfer, United States
My experience with SB exceeded all of the expectations I had for this year of my life. I’ll be taking so many unique things away […] Read More
Jesse Lalonde, Canada
I discovered Sustainable Bolivia while browsing looking for positions regarding community development in Latin America. I have long had an admiration with Latin American […] Read More
Denise Lama, Chile
I found out about Sustainable Bolivia on the internet while researching internships on development in South America. The things that motivated me the most were […] Read More
Amber Macdonagh, England
I was traveling around South America for 7 months in total and wanted some organized volunteer placement as well as traveling by myself, found Sustainable […] Read More
Wendy McClellan, Australia
I had decided during my first year of studying post graduate occupational therapy that l wanted to work for two years in Australia and then […] Read More
Sua Park, South Korea
The organization I worked for is called Mosoj Yan, a Christian organization established seventeen years ago in 1991. The organization is based entirely in the […] Read More
Sophie Peeters, Belgium
Bolivia Sostenible m’a offert une expérience unique. J’ai été accueillie à bras ouverts par les employés, ainsi que par ma famille d’accueil. La famille Arébalo […] Read More
Jason Pinger, United States
After graduating college, my goal was to take some time off to travel, to go do something fun and adventurous and hopefully learn a language. […] Read More
Henriette Hanicotte, France
I have been studying business administration and economic of development and I was very interested in getting an experience with a microfinance institution. Sustainable Bolivia […] Read More
Nicole Suarez, Bolivia
Bolivia is a country that has many things that are still in need of discovery. Before I came into the country, I was interested in […] Read More
Ran Tan, Canada
When I originally started looking at volunteer programs, all I knew was that I wanted to go somewhere Spanish-speaking – it was really just luck […] Read More
Benjamin Wood, Australia
My decision to be a part of the Sustainable Bolivian team was quite out of the blue. I had been traveling already for most of […] Read More
Lily Young, United States
I knew I wanted to volunteer in South or Central America, and I narrowed my search to 3 programs in Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina. The […] Read More
Chloé Peillon, France
Sustainable Bolivia has enriched my life in many ways. It was really, for me, the adventure of a lifetime. I acquired professional knowledge while working […] Read More
Vincent Lopez, USA
I had the very fortunate opportunity of being accepted for a graduate internship with Sustainable Bolivia. Working with Sustainable Bolivia and its local counterpart organization […] Read More
Sophie Duc, Switzerland
It was my first experience as a volunteer and I’m very happy that I came to Riberalta to work with Sustainable Bolivia. I was a […] Read More
Daniel Alvarez, Switzerland
En Agosto, tuve la suerte de poder venir en Riberalta para ayudar a Bolivia Sostenible. Mi experiencia en la ONG ha sido rica y variada, […] Read More
Anja Brunner, Germany
My name is Anja Brunner, I am from Fuerstenzell, Germany, and I have been a volunteer with INFANTE for about four months. I have been […] Read More
Joanna Animashaun, England
After travelling around South America for 7 months I decided to do some volunteering and by searching the internet I found Sustainable Bolivia, and it […] Read More
Angeline Annesteus, Haiti
I came across Sustainible Bolivia as I was looking online for a non-profit organization to do an internship. I was skeptical about it in the […] Read More
Gordon Bae, Canada
As I searched online for volunteer opportunities abroad during the summer, I came across the Sustainable Bolivia website. I found that Sustainable Bolivia offered a […] Read More
Katelyn Banner, United States
On a whim, I did an internet search for volunteer work and found Sustainable Bolivia. I hadn’t planned to go to Bolivia, but quickly changed […] Read More
Fernanda Barbosa, Brazil
It was around four in the morning when I arrived in Cochabamba. I couldn’t quite find the right address and, after spending 6 hours between […] Read More
Charles Beddingfield, United States
Through the options of Spanish classes, a homestay or a house in the middle of the city, a job working directly with or without people, […] Read More
Emily Bland, Germany
Das Auslandsjahr in Bolivien ist die beste Zeit meines Lebens. Ich war drei Monate lang Freiwillige bei Mosoj Yan, einer Organisation für Mädchen die keine […] Read More
Michael Brossman, Germany
Bevor ich mich dazu entschloss, mich als Volunteer bei Sustainable Bolivia zu bewerben, habe ich sehr viel Zeit damit verbracht, im Internet nach einer passenden […] Read More
Lucie Dabos, France
It was my first experience as a volunteer, and I’m absolutely not disappointed! I would be happy to renew the experience! The team of the […] Read More
Catherine Carlstedt, United States
I was looking to volunteer somewhere in Bolivia and with luck, I happened to find Sustainable Bolivia, in the same city where my boyfriend and […] Read More
Robert Cornwell, United States
I came across Sustainable Bolivia while researching legal internships in Human Rights for my first summer as a Law Student. I contacted Erik and asked […] Read More
Emily Dansereau, United States
Like many people, I located Sustainable Bolivia through the internet. My friend Brindha and I were scrambling to make plans for the summer, and applications […] Read More
Antonio de Guadalupe Uceta Perez, Spain
This trip was my second time in Bolivia. I wanted to be based in a single place so I could have the chance to interact […] Read More
Alicia DePaolo, United States
I found out about Sustainable Bolivia while researching non-profits and volunteer programs in South America during spring of my sophomore year of college. I wanted […] Read More
Clement Dupont, France
Désireux de découvrir le monde de la microfinance, je me suis mis en quête d’un stage dans ce domaine sur internet. Au fil de mes […] Read More
Jessica Fahey, Australia
Being a volunteer with Sustainable Bolivia is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your travel experience, embrace the local culture and meet loads of great people! […] Read More
Abel Gerrits, Holland
I enjoyed most the ease to meet new people in the Sustainable Bolivia houses. There were always people around who are open to talk and […] Read More