Fundraising has become an increasingly relevant tool in providing Sustainable Bolivia’s partner organizations with access to even more resources.  While many of Sustainable Bolivia’s partners are able to meet their daily needs, they do not possess the capacity or capital to make significant improvements to their programming or facilities, thus limiting their reach into the community and their own potential growth. So here we have our NGO fundraising strategy.

In August of 2012, Sustainable Bolivia staff members began to focus more of their energy on fundraising, and have begun to encourage volunteers to fundraise as a means of augmenting their mini grants and broadening their impact.  Utilizing online fundraising platforms such as Razoo, Sustainable Bolivia volunteers have been able to double and even triple their annual impact within their partner organizations in Cochabamba.  While online fundraising organizations charge a small processing fee to transfer donations, 100% of all the money received by Sustainable Bolivia is passed on to their partner organizations in support of their projects.

Since the fundraising program was implemented, there have been several volunteers who have supplemented their mini-grants with fundraisers. One of them was Wendy McClellan, who spent a month at the organization Puntiti, which helps children with physical disabilities. Wendy raised $1070 to buy chest supports and wheelchair cushions. Another volunteer, Haley Ballenger, raised $5844 to start a dance program for the children of Educar es Fiesta. The organization agreed to match her fundraiser, providing the program with enough funds to continue for three years.

If you would like to start a fundraiser or make a donation to Sustainable Bolivia or one of its partner organizations through Razoo, you can do so here.  To find out more information about how you can fundraise within your own community to support our various projects, please email us at