Since 1981, IFFI has been working with women who come from low- income backgrounds and who live on the periphery of Cochabamba. Their goal is to create a democratic society with equal rights and opportunities for both men and women.

The main goal of IFFI is to promote equality and to empower women through workshops and skill shares. They are based on the idea that developing socio-economic and political potential will aid the women in exercising their civil rights.

Who does IFFI help?
IFFI helps women who come from low- income families and who live in the peripheral zones surrounding Cochabamba.

Working conditions:
The main office is located in the Cala Cala district, a fifteen-minute bus ride from the city center. Volunteers will spend the majority of their time making visits to local communities with IFFI staff.

IFFI currently runs five different projects:

Nutritional Wellbeing and Health:
This project aims to improve the conditions and services offered by local institutions with regards to nutritional wellbeing and healthcare. Improving these services will thereby improve the quality of life of hundreds of women and children.

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Risk prevention and promotion of health/nutritional rights
  • Promotion and strengthening of community networks that help detect and recuperate malnourished children
  • Work with local committees and social networks to develop workshops to be presented in the communities in need

Economic Development
This project recognizes that economic productivity is one of the key factors in sustainable human development and, therefore, aims at promoting and improving economic strategies that facilitate female access to the labor market.

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Run workshops and skill shares
  • Develop ideas for micro-finance projects
  • Research community resources to help develop projects
  • Help promote economic initiatives
  • Help market goods produced by current projects, for both national and international market

Women’s Movement:
This project aims to promote equal rights and to incorporate the notion of gender to the political scene at both departmental and national levels.

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Work with various actors and agencies to create a national network to strengthen Feminist organizations throughout Bolivia
  • Promote and defend women’s rights
  • Lobbying to bring gender equality into the forefront of politics

Legal Services:
This program provides women with legal services and support.

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Assist in legal cases
  • Support women who have been victims of violence
  • Raise community awareness
  • Help run violence prevention workshops

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Help implement a system of monitoring and evaluating that corresponds to the institution’s objectives.
  • Raise community awareness
  • Coordinate efforts with other organizations to create local, national, and international networks
  • Help create and hand out educational material
  • Volunteers may also create their own research project

Volunteer requirements:

  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Interest in gender issues and women’s movements
  • Willingness to travel into rural communities
  • Open minded, good interpersonal skills
  • Minimum commitment period of one year