La Troje


La Troje, a historical building from the 18th century was preserved for the purposes of artistic and cultural work since 2000, supporting a series of activities dedicated to the artistic development and appreciation of our ancient culture in this sense. The organization’s initiatives and efforts are focused on: experimentation, creation, integration, sharing, meeting, holiday rituals, and the awareness and respect for life.


Promote and contribute to the experiences and initiatives of all art forms, while preserving the values uc0u8203 u8203 of the Andean vision, to create a new human consciousness through the consolidation of la Troje as an alternative space to produce and experience art and culture.


La Troje is located in the Villa Busch, 10 minutes from the city of Cochabamba.


The job activities are coordinated by a team of two people who are associated with the project . The volunteers will work closely with the coordinators, and will be responsible for general support in the various activities the Troje performed.

LA TROJE’s Programs

La Troje works in all of the following areas:

I. Arts workshops

II. Dissemination of Culture and Art Exhibitions

III. Library

IV. Andean Rituals

V. Culinary culture

Monthly activities are scheduled according to internal guidelines


Intermediate level of Spanish
Interest in exchanging artistic experiences
Open to sharing customs and cultural practices specific to Bolivia
Have an open mind and good interpersonal skills.
Period of Commitment: minimum of 1 month
Optional: Knowledge of gastronomy