Mini Grant Program Benefits

There are several benefits to the Mini Grant Program, both to volunteers as well as to partner organisations, including the following:

1. Gain professional skills and experience

  • As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to plan and execute a funding application and a crowd funding campaign for your organization.
  • Whether your project eventually receives funding from SB or not, you will still be able to set up your crowd funding campaign.
  • You will receive training from SB and support to easily set up and receive money from your campaign through our not for profit fundraising platform. Volunteers have been surprised at how successful their campaigns were!
  • You will experience first-hand, the challenges for organizations, of finding long term solutions and effective communication when trying to finance them.

2. Better support your organization through combining hard work with a longer term vision

  • The success of the application and campaign will depend largely on how well you know your organization and how committed you are to making it happen.
  • Longer volunteering stays not only contribute more to an organization but can allow for projects with a longer term vision.

 3. Help raise the profile and reputation of your organization

  • Your campaign, write up, photos (and video?) will help promote the work of your organization, who are often are without the necessary resources to create content
  • This quality content will be useful for your partner organization to promote their work and attract future funding.

4. One of the most transparent international donation systems in the world

  • Applications are made by a volunteer working on the ground, in collaboration with their partner organization and this process, including every project is overseen and evaluated by the Sustainable Bolivia team.
  • This system ensures 100% of any funding received is going to the designated project and its longer term impact can also be reviewed and reported.
  • All documents including signed application and receipts are made public on Sustainable Bolivia´s website.

5. Small scale projects, big impact

  • Since 2009, SB has provided over $150,000 of direct support through our mini-grant program!