Mis Huellitas


In 1998, as a response to the community needs the family Rodriguez Flores created the Children Center “Mis Huellitas” in a private house that belonged to Mr. Ladislao Flores.

The neighborhood of this Center is mostly composed by foreign settlers from the countryside and rural areas. The majority of the population is composed by single mothers or families that both father and mother have to work as housemaids, masons or washing clothes and cars outside. Therefore, their children are left alone being exposed to several risks both physical and psychological.


Our main goal is to improve the quality of life of these vulnerable individuals providing them services that incorporate a comprehensive approach in the areas of education, health and nutrition. We intend to develop spaces for inter dialogue and to provide an integral training focused on intercultural issues within a framework of equality, reciprocity, commitment and mutual respect.

Who is helped by “Mis huellitas” Childrens’ Center

The Children’s Center helps those children whose parents work outside home. We help children from 6 months to 12 years. Currently, there are 120 children attending our Center.

Working conditions

The Children’s Center is located in the north area of Cochabamba, about 20 minutes from the city center by public transport. Our Center has 6 different rooms, one kitchen, one garden and one studio. Presently we have seven teachers and one cook working with us.


It is essential that the volunteers are able to give full care to all children. This includes providing support in the rooms, helping in the kitchen and cleanup whenever necessary.

Requirements for volunteers

  • Speak intermediate Spanish
  • Have an academic preparation or experience working with children (preferred but not required)
  • Be sensitive to all children
  • Be patient and dedicated to all children
  • Be available for at least a month