CECAM (the Center for Multidisciplinary Training and Advising) is a Bolivian non-profit foundation that was founded in Oruro in 1997. Since then it has expanded to include programs of holistic training in La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba. The mission of the foundation is to promote human rights through the development of ecological and social projects in communities with limited financial resources and/or significant negative environmental impact. Using educational programs, workshops and trainings, CECAM identifies issues that affect a community and works with them to develop innovative solutions that both protect the environment and improve quality of life, encouraging equitable and just sustainable development.


CECAM focuses on the following:

  • the development of ecological projects which benefit the well-being of the lowest socio-economic groups in Bolivia
  • the provision of training workshops which encourage sustainable and equitable development
  • the encouragement of the use of renewable energy through easy-to-use technologies

CECAM works in conjunction with various public and private institutions on both a national and international level which share its vision.

Who does CECAM help?

CECAM helps communities and individuals from poor backgrounds through workshops and training programs. Its beneficiary groups currently include women, prisoners and disadvantaged youths.

Working conditions:

CECAM is situated about 10 minutes from our offices and from the city center.  The permanent staff of six includes a volunteer coordinator, project manager, technical expert and other support staff. CECAM´s offices include a comfortable workspace and an outdoor workshop where solar stoves are constructed.


CECAM is currently running three projects which volunteers can participate in:

  1. Ecological technologies

    CECAM works in rural areas throughout Bolivia to distribute and train communities in the use of ecological technologies, including solar and fuel-efficient wood burning stoves. Through a partnership with several of Cochabamba’s prisons, CECAM facilitates income generating projects for inmates, teaching them to produce ecological stoves and other eco-friendly products which are then distributed within Cochabamba and to rural communities.

  2. Environmental education

    CECAM designs environmental education workshops and curriculum for implementation in a variety of settings. The organization has experience working with public and private schools in Bolivia, to incorporate environmental stewardship into their curriculum.

  3. Women leadership

    In all of its work, CECAM places an emphasis on gender equality. In the past, the organization has given workshops to various women’s group on issues ranging from self-esteem to women’s political leadership and organization. CECAM welcomes new ideas and projects from interns for other training programs and is planning a wider range of activities for the future.

In addition, CECAM welcomes new ideas and initiatives for other training programs and is planning a wider range of activities for the future.

Volunteer/intern requirements:

  • Intermediate level of Spanish
  • Initiative and dynamism
  • Experience and/or interest in project management
  • Knowledge in the design or construction of alternative energies (desired but not required)
  • Desire to work in a cross-cultural setting
  • Minimum commitment: two months