Centro Nuevos Horizontes


Centro Nuevos Horizones (New Horizon Center) is a multi-faceted service program center for children and adults with special needs. They receive 35 children and 5 to 6 adults daily, putting the focus on children. They empower patients to assume their right place in society while enhancing families´ability to nurture and support them.  Through rehabilitative services and individual treatment plans, program staff help each individual to attain the highest level of independence possible so they can lead a fuller and more productive life within their families and communities.

Using a multi-disciplinary approach, Centro Nuevos Horizontes is able caters to the unique physical and psychological needs of each individual.  Services include assessment and evaluation, physical therapy and rehabilitation, individualized educational programs, speech and communication support, play therapy and vocational training.  The program also serves as a daycare for 15 children of varying levels of independence.

In addition to providing rehabilitative services, Centro Nuevos Horizontes advocates for rights of disabled persons within the community.  They partner with the school for disabled children as wells as the families/caretakers ensuring that each young person learns to adapt and relate to the world around them and that the adults in their lives can successfully carry out a consistent treatment plan.  Centro Nuevos Horizontes serves as leverage for community resources by providing education and organizing events to combat stigma and injustice for differently-abled persons.


  • Provide physical therapy and rehabilitation to physically and developmentally disabled individuals both at the center and at their homes; Evolve and adapt new methods of teaching to enable differently abled children to work smoothly
  • Work one-on-one with families and caretakers ensuring a sustainable treatment plan is carried out in all areas of their life
  • Empower individuals to become as independent as possible through adaptive education, vocational training, and teaching self-advocacy
  • Advocate for the inclusion of intellectual, developmental and other disabilities in society;  Link the community to valuable resources
  • Provide direct care to disenfranchised individuals who cannot afford treatment

Who does the organization serve?

Now in their 23rd year of service, Centro Nuevos Horizontes has grown to serve over 200 individuals, most of whom are children with complex physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities.  As the only center of its kind in the region, many families in rural communities travel very far distances to receive specialized services that Centro Nuevos Horizontes provides.

Working  Conditions:

Centro Nuevos Horizontes is located a short walk or motortaxi from the Sustainable Bolivia volunteer house in Riberalta.  Full-time staff include 3 full time physical therapists, a social worker, a psychologist and other administrative and grounds staff.  The campus includes comfortable office works space, 5 large rooms for adaptive therapy and an outdoor play area for children

Volunteer Opportunities:

Centro Nuevos Horizontes is seeking :

Volunteer Requirements

  Spanish   Beginner to Intermediate
  Minimum commitment   1 month
  Related knowledge/skills  Willingness to work with children from   difficult backgrounds
Open minded, tolerant, and patient
  Other details: The center particularly looks for people with a background in physiotherapy, kinesitherapy or a speech therapist


  • Daycare: from 9am to 3pm (no breaks)
  • Physiotherapy: from 8.30 to 12.30 (40 to 45 min per patient)
  • All year round but the daycare is closed from mid-December to the start of February and the reeducation center is closed for 10 days around Christmas and New Years’ Eve.