Nurseries PAN


The Nurseries PAN (Guarderías PAN – Programa de Atención a Niños y Niñas Menores de 6 Años) is a program created in 2006 that offers daycare services to children 6 months to 6 years old. They have two nurseries in Riberalta: Centro 25 de Marzo and Centro San Francisco. Each center is open March to November and has a maximum capacity of 30 children for one center and 60 for the other. Their services are targeted toward families with few resources who have to work and therefore cannot look after their children during the day – mainly families working in the Brazil nut industry.

The centers split children up into three age groups: 6 months to 2 years old, 2 years to 4 years old, and 4 years to 6 years old. The children in the oldest age group are part of a preschool-like program in which they are taught things like colors, numbers and shapes. Children of all ages are provided with breakfast and lunch.


  • Prevent young children from being left at home alone
  • Be a safe place for children while their parents are at work
  • Be attentive to any potential issues at home (violence, alcoholism, etc.); inform the public authorities and file a complaint if something comes up
  • Prepare children for primary school by giving them the right tools to be successful

Who does Guardarías PAN serve?

Guardarías PAN serves low-resource families who work during the day and cannot afford to send their kids to daycare or preschool. Most of these families work in the Brazil nut industry. In between their two centers, they receive 90 children in total.

Working Conditions:

The volunteers are expected to work from 7am to 3pm from Monday to Friday. The volunteer will work in one or the other center. They are both located in the city center and are easily by walk from the volunteer house (15-20min) or with a 5min ride with a mototaxi.

Volunteer Opportunities:

The two daycare centers are looking for:

  • Volunteers to help supervising the children
  • Organizing activities and creating and carrying out educational materials for the older children.
  • Someone to cook

Opportunities to serve may vary depending on the interest and skill set of the volunteer. Creativity is welcome in what you are equipped to teach, lead or implement.  

Volunteer Requirements:

  Spanish   Beginner
  Minimum commitment   1 month
  Related knowledge/skills   Willingness to work with children from difficult       backgrounds
  Open minded, tolerant, and patient
  Other details: