Energetica is an energy development institute based in Cochabamba. The organization was founded in 1993 to promote the greater and more rational use of energy in Bolivia. Since 1993, Energetica has implemented over 100 projects in all the departments of Bolivia, and between 1999 and 2001 10,572 families directly and 68,657 families indirectly benefited from one of their established projects. Currently, Energetica is evaluating the wind potential in Uyuni so as to determine the possibility of wind generators that would provide rural families with electricity in an environmentally and economically friendly manner. If anyone is interested in renewable and sustainable energy internship in Bolivia, this is the best organisation to do so.


To increase energy access with equity and efficiency, generating solutions through technological innovation, management and human resources training, contributing to improved productivity, quality of life of the disadvantaged Bolivian population and the preservation of the environment.


Become an institution of national and international reference on sustainable energy and equity, which develop quality visible actions, influencing the approach, formulation and implementation of sectoral policies and development strategies that are economically competitive, socially inclusive and environmentally conservationist.


Energetica seeks to improve the quality of life of rural and marginal urban populations by promoting development through the rational use of energy. At present, only 17.2% of rural families have access to energy sources. Energetica aims to change this by offering alternatives such as solar power which would cover up to 98% of a family’s energy needs.

Energetica dedicates its efforts to:

  • Planning and implementing projects
  • Technical assistance and consulting in regards to energy
  • Development of human resources
  • Coordinating with other institutions
  • Researching rural energy use, rural electrification, and isolated energy systems

Current Projects

  • Studying energy potential, environmental impact of energy use, and alternative technologies
  • Measurement and communication of impact
  • Generating information, training, and education of human resources

Volunteer/Internship Requirements

  Spanish   Upper intermediate
  Minimum commitment   3 months (preferably 5+ months)
  Related knowledge/skills   Comfortable in an informal office setting
  Open mindedness and initiative for identifying own opportunities to   contribute to oranisation work
  Experience or knowledge of engineering (optional)
  Some general administrative skills (optional)