Gaia Pacha

The Gaia Pacha Foundation is a Bolivian non-profit organization that was created by a group of fourteen young environmental engineering graduates in 2006 who wanted to combine their knowledge of the environment with a desire to help young Bolivian society having to come to terms with climate change and new environmental challenges in the 21st century. Their initiatives and efforts are geared towards raising awareness of environmental protection through research, development, and education. The Foundation currently operates various educational projects that focus on different groups of young people to help them understand the environment and the importance of its protection. It is the perfect place if you are interested in education – environmental awareness internship in Bolivia.

Gaia Pacha aims to create and implement proposals that promote changes in behavior and the creation and reconstruction of human consciousness in relation to the environment, while at the same time taking account of Bolivian reality.

The specific objectives of the Foundation are covered in the following areas:

Investigation and technology
Environmental policies
Protection and Conservation

Who does Gaia Pacha help?
Gaia Pacha focuses on education and environmental awareness as well as the protection and sustainability of communities at risk of diminishing resources and the hazardous effects of environmental degradation.

Working conditions:
The central offices of the Foundation are located about 15 minutes in public transport from the city center and our office. There are other programs at different locations in the city. Educational programs are run by two full-time members of staff, who also act as volunteer coordinators. There are other staff involved in other projects.

Gaia Pacha programs:

Educational Project at the Manuela Gandarillas Center for the Blind

Gaia Pacha is involved in organizing workshops and ludic activities for partially-sighted young people who attend a daycare center. The activities are focused on informing the children about the environment and they have recently designed a sensory garden for the children.

Workshops at the Natural History Museum

Gaia Pacha has set up an agreement with this museum to provide educational workshops focusing on the environment and natural sciences.

Environmental education program for children at Aldeas Infantiles SOS-Cochabamba.

The aim of this program is to implement an environmental education program for groups of visiting children that is both accessible and enjoyable. Workshops, classes and activities covering climate change and environmental protection are planned and delivered to groups of approximately 30 children in a model ecological house complete with solar panels, greenhouse, biomass kitchen and flora and fauna in an extensive garden.

Volunteer activities associated with all of these programs include designing and implementing educational materials, planning projects to raise environmental awareness among young people.

Volunteer/ Intern requirements:

  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Interest in the environment and conservation
  • Experience with working with children
  • Minimum commitment period of two months