Hogar Angelica


Hogar Angelica was created in 2002 as an NGO and was later taken over as a government-funded program, meaning that the food, salaries and other supplies are now financed by the government. Hogar Angelica serves as transitory housing and care for children who have been removed from their homes due to some kind of incident such as violence, sexual violence, alcoholism or death. The children stay at the Hogar for a max of 4 months until public authorities can place them permanently either with another family or in an orphanage. The majority of children that later move to an orphanage, move to our partner Casa Segura.

Staff consists of 3 educators, one for each morning, daytime and evening shift, as well as 5 additional people who help with administration, cooking and cleaning. Since it´s now a government-funded program, food, salaries and other supplies are financed by the government. However, the Hogar still lacks access to resources.


  • Provide transitory shelter and basic necessities to children who have been disenfranchised due to death of caretaker, neglect or abandonment, sexual exploitation, family dispute, or unwanted pregnancy
  • Support the children the best they can in this difficult part of their life
  • Ensure the children go to school and take care of them while being at the Center

Who does Hogar Angelica serve?

Hogar Angelica has a capacity for up to 15 children at a time, girls of up to 12 years old and boys of up to 18. Stays have a maximum of 4 months but most children only stay for 2-3. Children who can’t go back to their family or stay with a parent go to the orphanage Casa Segura.

Working conditions:

Hogar Angelica is located in the center of Riberalta near the cemetary and near our other partner, Asilo de Ancianos Principe de Paz. Volunteers can stay with a host family or in the volunteer house and either walk 25 minutes or take a moto-taxi (5-10 minutes).

Volunteer Opportunities:

Hogar Angelica is primarily interested in being joined by:

  • A psychologist for the children, as they currently do not have one nor have the resources to hire one.
  • Volunteers to help the educators with educational activities and animation
  • A cook/nutritionist to plan and prepare meals.

Specific roles will vary based on experience and interests of the volunteer.

Volunteer Requirements:

  Spanish   Intermediate
  Minimum commitment   1 month
  Related knowledge/skills   Willingness to work with children from difficult       backgrounds
  Open minded, tolerant, and patient

  Preferred experience in psychology

  Background in education/pedagogy an advantage

  Other details: