Hogar Casa Segura


Located on the outskirts of Riberalta on a large outdoor campus, Casa Segura provides shelter and support to orphaned children of all ages.  Since 2006 Casa Segura has provided a home to over 50 children attending to both their physical and emotional needs. Casa Segura helps children cultivate a sense of belonging and empowers each child to become independent adults.

In addition to its 25 children, Casa Segura is home to three full time caretakers who act as the ¨house parents.¨ In order to infuse each child with a sense of familial responsibility, the daily routine is structured and activities are realized primarily as a group.  Free time is often spent playing sports, fishing or swimming at the lake on site. In an effort to be self-sufficient, Casa Segura also raises their own chickens and lambs.


  • Provide permanent shelter and basic necessities to children who have been disenfranchised due to death of caretaker (or in some cases abandonment)
  • Support children into adulthood through mentorship imparting sustainable life skills and vocational training
  • Create sense of familial unity through communal responsibilities and activities attending to the unique mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each child
  • Help each child cultivate a balanced and healthy lifestyle of work, play, rest and responsibility

Who does the Casa Segura serve?

Casa Segura houses up to 25 orphaned children at a time, historically receiving more males than females.  They also continue to provide support to young adults 18 and older who have lived in the group home as children.  

Working Conditions:

Casa Segura is located on the outskirts of Riberalta in a lush jungle setting, 15 minutes away from the city center by car or motorbike.  Aside from the three primary caretakers, six staff members support the organization by cooking, cleaning and maintaining the grounds. The campus is equipped with traditional cabins, a large communal eating area, chicken house, natural swimming area, health clinic, soccer field and large open spaces.  Volunteers will live in the communal Sustainable Bolivia house in Riberalta and may commute back and forth via mototaxi.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Casa Segura is looking for volunteers to implement extracurricular activities and programming such as music, physical education, English instruction and arts. Opportunities to serve may vary depending on the interest and skill set of the volunteer. Creativity is welcome in what you are equipped to teach, lead or implement.  

Volunteer Requirements:

  Spanish   Beginner
  Minimum commitment   1 month
Related knowledge/skills  Willingness to work with children from difficult backgrounds
Open minded, tolerant, and patient
  Other details: