Hogar Cristo te Salva

Hogar Cristo te Salva is a Bolivian orphanage founded in 2009 by Frederico and Miriam Weber Callo Sosa with the aims of providing shelter and support to marginalized and vulnerable children of all ages.  In addition to a permanent shelter and basic necessities, Hogar Cristo te Salva provides emotional care, training in self-reliance, educational support and daily activities for up to 21 children at a time.  

Located in Riberalta, the group home is operated by two families who act as the full-time caretakers for the children.  To infuse each child with a sense of family, most daily activities are done as a group including communal meals, sports practice, daily homework help, and bible study.  Weekends include occasional outings, service projects and community celebrations. In an effort to be self-sufficient, Hogar Cristo te Salva also raises chickens, bakes their own bread, manages a community garden, and sells baked goods and desserts in their local neighborhood.

The campus is equipped with two houses, residential quarters for the children, a fully functional kitchen and communal eating area, study hall, soccer field, playground, community garden and small fruit orchard.  


  • Provide permanent shelter and basic necessities to children who have been disenfranchised due to death of caretaker, neglect or abandonment, sexual exploitation, family dispute, or unwanted pregnancy
  • Attend to the unique mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each child through loving support and guidance
  • Create sense of familial unity through communal responsibilities and activities  
  • Help each child cultivate a balanced and healthy lifestyle of work, play, rest and responsibility
  • Teach each child self-reliance by imparting sustainable life skills and upholding healthy boundaries

Who does Cristo de Salva serve?

Hogar Cristo te Salva serves up to 21 children at a time ages 0-18, primarily from Riberalta.  The home also supports children over the age of 18 who wish to continue their studies locally and assist younger children.  Currently the home is operating at capacity with four girls and 17 boys including four special needs children.

Working Conditions:

Located approximately 10 minutes from the Sustainable Bolivia volunteer house in Riberalta, Hogar Cristo te Salva can be accessed by moto-taxi.  The permanent staff includes four full time caretakers (2 local couples) who live onsite, a chef and occasionally another intern who lives on site.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Hogar Cristo te Salva welcomes enthusiastic volunteers who desire to positively impact the lives of children in need.  Opportunities to serve may vary depending on the interest and skill set of the volunteer. Those with a background in education, youth development, social work, coaching or recreation are especially considered.  Creativity is welcome in what you are equipped to teach, lead or implement. Due to the large volume of boys in the home, males are especially encouraged to apply. Your role as a volunteer may include:

  • Preparing and implementing educational activities including sports, music, art, gardening and mindfulness
  • Planning and helping supervise children during off-campus outings
  • Assisting children with homework, art projects and presentations
  • Carrying out daily structure, ensuring children´s completion of chores and responsibilities
  • Helping maintain the community garden; leading experiential activities on organic agriculture, soil health, composting techniques, etc.
  • Teaching basic conversational English
  • Providing direct care to infants and toddlers
  • Providing one-on-one support to special needs students
  • Helping with meal preparation and menu planning to ensure quality nutrition
  • Carrying out basic building/renovation projects and assisting with general repairs, including the children in these efforts when possible
  • Designing and managing website and/or social media
  • Looking for public/private funding

Minimum Requirements:

Open minded, tolerant, and patient

  Spanish   Beginner
  Minimum commitment   1 month
   Related knowledge/skills  Willingness to work with children from difficult backgrounds
  Other details: