INFANTE: Promocion Integral de la Mujer y la Infancia

Infante was founded in September 1987 with the principal aims of assisting women and their families who are victims of abuse and domestic violence, and protecting young people at risk of trafficking and abuse. Throughout the 1990s, Infante developed projects supporting youth who were at risk of abandonment, devising adoption schemes, and implementing a national campaign against traffic and abuse of children and adolescents. The ‘Camino a la Alegría’ project, introduced in 2006, works for the prevention and protection of victims of sexual violence. In order to come up with this work, Infante welcomes any men and women volunteering against domestic violence in Cochabamba and Bolivia.

Infante’s main goal is to support victims of domestic and sexual violence. The organization aims to defend the rights of those violated and to raise community awareness. Infante provides a safe location for victims, as well as psychological support and workshops to help them reintegrate back into society. Infante has played a key role in the promotion of new local and national policies and laws to retain victims’ rights.

Who does Infante help?
The Infante staff of thirty-eight professionals works to help those who are victims of abuse (sexual, physical or psychological). Many are young children and adolescents who fall prey to intra-familial violence and many come from marginalized communities.

Infante provides assistance to individuals and families interested in participating in the temporary foster home program.

It has also recently started a scheme to sell hand-made artisanal products in order to generate income for the victims receiving support and their families.

How to get there:
The main office of Infante is located in the northern zone of Cochabamba, ten minutes from the center by public transport.


The Women’s Shelter:
The shelter provides women and child victims of abuse with a safe space and support, which includes professional counseling.

Volunteer/ internship opportunities include:

  • Provide support for victims
  • Raise community awareness
  • Monitor/evaluate shelters
  • Provide educational workshops/activities
  • Assist in violence prevention workshops
  • Work with other organizations to build a nationwide network

Camino a la Alegria:
Camino a la Alegria is a shelter that focuses its attention on adolescent victims of sexual assault and abuse. The shelter has provided support and counseling to over 200 victims since 2006.

Volunteer/ internship opportunities include:

  • Provide support/help staff
  • Design and run educational workshops
  • Raise awareness in the community
  • Work with institutions such as the local Committee Against Child & Adolescent Sexual Abuse
  • Support victims in finding education/career opportunities

Volunteer/ Internship requirements:

  • Upper-intermediate Spanish
  • Some knowledge/experience in education, counseling or psychology is preferred
  • Interest in working with young women who have been victims of abuse
  • Confidentiality with participants
  • Due to the sensitive nature of some projects female volunteers over the age of 21 are preferred
  • A minimum commitment period of four months