Mano a Mano

Mano a Mano is a Bolivian organization that was founded in 1994 with the aim of distributing medical equipment to areas of the country which needed it most. From there it grew to include the construction of health clinics, currently the organization’s main activity, as well as schools, roads and air strips. Mano a Mano is managed by Bolivian professionals and volunteers who work to promote health, education and social development, and provides health care education internships in Bolivia.

Mano a Mano aims to improve the country’s health and educational systems and infrastructure, especially in marginalized rural areas.

Who does Mano a Mano help?
Mano a Mano has built and provided for over 130 health clinics and schools, distributed more than 1,200 tonnes of medical equipment, and treated more than 8,000 patients on health visits.

The organization promotes the active participation of community members and municipalities in all development projects, including construction of health facilities, educational projects, roads and aircraft runways. This promotes community organization, reduces labor costs, and creates a sense of pride and ownership of each project.

Working conditions:
Mano a Mano’s central office is located twenty minutes away from our office and the city center. The office includes space for meetings and volunteers, an I.T. center, a kitchen and a large depot where medical provisions are sorted before being sent on to health clinics. The staff consists of doctors, engineers, architects, administrators and mechanics, both volunteers and paid staff.

In addition, Mano a Mano runs several different projects outside Cochabamba, often in remote rural areas. Volunteers may be expected to travel to these locations.

Mano a Mano Programs
At present Mano a Mano is looking for qualified volunteers in the following areas:

  • Medicine/nursing/public health
  • Construction and mechanics
  • Project management
  • Fund-raising
  • Computer programming/web design
  • Administration/accounting

In addition Mano a Mano welcomes postgraduate students interested in doing research, and may be interested in volunteers with other skills as well. Please note that because many of the projects are difficult to get to, volunteers who are willing to stay on site will be particularly welcome.

Volunteer/ Internship requirements:

  • Upper intermediate Spanish
  • Willingness to travel outside Cochabamba
  • Knowledge in a related topic
  • Minimum commitment period of three months