Mosoj Yan



Mosoj Yan, which means ‘new road’ in Quechua, was founded in 1991 with the goal of assisting young women and girls working on the streets. Currently, Mosoj Yan works on two projects. One is dedicated to “prevention.” The Club de Amistad (Friendship Club) is an afterschool center to provide children with a safe educational environment where they can attend enriching lessons while their parents are working. The second project, The Restoration Center, is a shelter for girls who have been victims of violence or abuse. Interested people in doing volunteering work with young women on streets of Bolivia would work in these two directions.


Mosoj Yan is a Christian organization that hopes to make positive impact in the lives of Cochabamba Youth. They aspire to empower women who have been victims of abuse and/or violence to take control of their lives and be active members of society, in addition to striving to prevent youth from turning to life in the streets.


  • To provide educational services and support for girls looking for alternative employment
  • To support girls through the process of social reintegration
  • To provide shelter for those who have left home
  • To offer counseling and psychological aid, as well as legal, educational and health services


Current Projects

  • The Restoration Center: The Restoration Center is a home for young women who have been victims of abuse or violence. Several of the young women are young mothers looking for a safe escape from the situation that provoked their pregnancy. Facilities include showers, laundry services, lockers, and childcare. They also have access to therapy, counseling, healthcare, and education, all of which can aid them with integrating back into school and society. Mosoj Yan periodically offers recreational activities and excursions.


  • The Friendship Club: The Friendship Club is an afterschool program for “at-risk” youth in downtown Cochabamba. The program offers a safe educational space for children to learn and engage while their parents and/or families work in the streets. Mosoj Yan realizes workshops on cooking and nutrition, physical activity, in addition to educating children about human trafficking, abuse, and other crucial topics.


Volunteer/Internship Requirements

  Spanish Intermediate
  Minimum commitment 3 months
  Related knowledge/skills Experience in education & working with at-risk populations
Motivated and Supportive
  Other details: Education or experience in a relevant field (psychology, social   work, education, etc.) is valued but not essential