“SISE” – Comprehensive Service of Ecological Sanitation

“UCCE” – United to End the Ecological Cycle


“SISE” Integral Ecological Sanitation Service was created to respond to a need for sanitation in neighborhoods and areas of Cochabamba without access to water and sewers creating health and safety problems for resident families. SISE creates, and educates on the construction and use of dry toilets. The sub company “UCCE” was created to close the ecological cycle, where solid and liquid waste in composting toilets are treated to make fertilizers and pesticides for agricultural use or home, for use in urban gardens. SISE and UCCE have collaborated on projects with other organizations such as Water for People and currently is part of a platform of sanitation in Cochabamba.


Work towards new ecological and sustainable sanitation solutions for poor families without access to basic sanitation technologies, we also work with our sub company “UCCE” united by the closure of ecological cycle, where we treat solid and liquid wastes from composting toilets to become fertilizers and pesticides for agricultural use or home promoting urban and kitchen gardens.

Current Projects


  • Dry bathrooms
    • Create new designs using cheaper / recyclable materials
  • Thematic workshops
    • Construction and use of bathrooms in peri-urban zones of Cochabamba
  • Water quality
    • Reuse of water
    • Use of UV filters
    • Water treatment plant – design


  • Improve waste conversion to fertilizer
    • Buy a bigger plant to process
    • Improve chemical treatment

Volunteer/Internship Requirements

  Spanish  Intermediate
  Minimum commitment  Flexible, depending on experience /skills
  Related knowledge/skills  Experience or knowledge of Engineering / Architecture /other similar  technical disciplines
 Presenting ability (optional – for workshops)