Vivo en Positivo



Vivo en Positivo is a civil, non-profit organization formed by people diagnosed with HIV / AIDS. It was created with the purpose of contributing to better quality of life for children, women and men with HIV / AIDS and reducing the risk of infection, especially on the “high risk” – population and the population in general by carrying out programs and projects locally and nationwide.


Vivo en Positivo exists to contribute to the integral health, empowering girls, boys, women and men with HIV / AIDS, promoting human rights abidance and raising awareness in the communities in order to give a comprehensive focus on HIV / AIDS in Cochabamba and with regional and national projection.

The Vivo en Positivo Association acknowledges, as the foundation of its work, the following values and principles: Confidentiality, Solidarity, Respect, Reciprocity and Inclusion. So everyone interested in working with Vivo en Positivo and with HIV and AIDS volunteer work in Bolivia should follow as well these principles.


Girls, Boys, Women and Men diagnosed with HIV live in a country which has effective policies on comprehensive attention and prevention in an environment free of stigma, discrimination and has put into motion the communities in order to confront the epidemic challenges.


  • To contribute to improve the quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS in a regional and national level, through information, communication, political impact.
  • To contribute to promote Human and Constitutional Rights respect for people living with HIV and high risk populations, with an integral emphasis.
  • To promote equal and ethic exchanges between the society, people with HIV and high risk populations that go from training and information about HIV prevention to people with HIV respect.
  • To promote a change in attitude in order to prevent risk situations and HIV/AIDS transmission in high risk populations.

Current Projects

  • HIV+ Program – community project to encourage personal health among HIV+ individuals
    • Research existing medical systems in Bolivia
    • Design materials to improve health practices of HIV+ population
    • Methodology for nutrition and sexual health curriculums
  • Psychology Support Programsupport HIV+ population
  • LGBTQ Program – community education & empowerment
    • Develop and direct educational workshops on psychology, health, empowerment, anti-discrimination, and workplace preparation
  • Sex Workers Program – educational workshops and psychology support program
  • Youth in Politics Program – community politics for government support with funding treatments and medicine, human rights, and general health education around HIV

Volunteer/Internship Requirements

  Spanish Intermediate
  Minimum commitment 3 months
  Related knowledge/skills Minimum age requirement: 22 years old
True commitment to serve people with HIV/AIDS, including women, children, and teenagers
Open spirit and willingness to learn and accept new concepts and approaches.
Individuals with knowledge/experience in public health, medicine, psychology, sociology/anthropology, community education, education, and/or physical therapy
  Other details: Respect to cultural and religious differences, with a willingness to adapt to a new environment.