Warnes School


About the community of Warnes:

The community of Warnes is composed of around 300 people and located at the entrance of the Aquicuana Reserve, 20km from the city of Riberalta. The families live mainly off of subsistence agriculture, and a few work collecting Brazil nuts.

About the school of Warnes: 

Around 160 children attend the primary and secondary schools in Warnes. While most of the children who attend the primary school are from the community, the secondary school also receives children from other nearby communities.

With the help of our volunteers, Sustainable Bolivia has developed an ecological club in the school, which now is made up of 70 children from all grades-levels. The goal of this club is to raise awareness of environmental issues and to create sustainable habits like picking up trash in the community.


  • Provide educational support in the school and develop new vocational activities
  • Raise an environmental consciousness among the students
  • Keep their houses, the school and the community of Warnes clean
  • Develop a course in environmental conservation and ecotourism for the students
  • Inform the children about the nature around them and why it´s important to conserve it

Working  Conditions:

Warnes is located 20km from the city of Riberalta. It is accessible by moto-taxi easily in the dry season (30min drive) but is a bit more complicated in the rainy season (1h drive or more). Volunteers have the option to stay at our ecolodge in the reserve itself.

Volunteer Opportunities:

The school in Warnes is seeking :

  • A volunteer willing to teach or tutor students and support their educational programme
  • A volunteer to manage the ecological club
  • A volunteer to design a small park near the school (architect, designer, etc.)
  • A volunteer to develop new extracurricular activities programmes such as sports, arts or computing

Volunteer Requirements:

  Spanish   Intermediate
  Minimum commitment   1 month
  Related knowledge/skills  Willingness to work with children from rural backgrounds
Open minded, tolerant, and patient
  Other details:


  • Mornings: 8.00 to 12.00
  • All year long except December, January and the first two weeks of July