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Partner Organizations

There are currently 27 organizations that work with Sustainable Bolivia.
Alerta Verde
Alerta Verde promotes sustainable living and raises environmental awareness through the installation of urban gardens and school gardens in impoverished areas in the south of Cochabamba Click here for a detailed description
works with children with severe mental and physical needs. Atendi has programs for mind stimulation and teaches children to walk, talk, or eat independently. For experienced interns, opportunities include taking part in physio and/or hydrotherapy sessions, while those without direct experience are welcome to help in a range of projects. Click here for a detailed description
Bolivia Digna (formerly Yo voy A Ti)
Bolivia Digna is an NGO helping underserved communities of children and youths in Cochabamba by providing formal and informal educational services. Click here for a detailed description
Bolivian Amphibian Initiative (BAI)
focuses on protecting and studying over 261 species of amphibians endemic to Bolivia. With a captive breeding center and an amphibian museum, they seek to raise awareness of issues facing fragile amphibious ecosystems in Bolivia. Click here for a detailed description
serves children and adolescents whose parents are either incarcerated, or were abandoned because their parents have migrated to other countries in search of economic opportunities. Volunteers can help in either the day care center or the school. Click here for a detailed description
is a foundation that focuses on the provision of training and educational projects for the most vulnerable groups in society. Volunteers are welcome in a variety of different areas, including environmental education, leadership, gender equality and economic development. Click here for a detailed description
Centro Ecuestre Tunari
The Equestrian Center of Tunari was founded in 2003 as a private initiative to provide access to horseback riding to individuals of all abilities. They have since developed their Equestrian Therapy programs, which specifically cater to children with developmental and mental challenges. Click here for a detailed description
CONCES (formerly UCCE/SISE) works in the construction of ecological bathrooms, training families about the use and benefits of ecological bathrooms, and waste reduction. They work with new ecological and sustainable technology for sanitation efforts with low-income families living without access to basic sanitation (toilets, running water, etc.). They coordinate efforts with UCCE, which treats the liquid and solid waste from eco-bathrooms and converts them into agricultural fertilizers and pesticides. Click here for a detailed description
Energetica is an energy development institute based in Cochabamba. The organization was founded in 1993 to promote the greater and more rational use of energy in Bolivia Click here for a detailed description
Gaia Pacha
focuses on education and environmental awareness as well as the protection and sustainability of communities at risk of diminishing resources. Volunteers/interns can help design and implement educational materials, plan projects to raise environmental awareness among young people, and assist in the maintenance of a model ecological home. Click here for a detailed description
is a civil research institution that focuses on issues of international relations, law, indigenism and politics. Volunteers may conduct their own research project, contribute to IDEI publications, or assess the legal positions in different Cochabamba municipalities. Click here for a detailed description
serves as a safe house for victims of sexual and domestic violence. INFANTE has played a key role in the promotion of local and national policies to restore victims' rights. INFANTE's several programs offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities including, but not limited to assisting with violence prevention workshops, childcare, and raising community awareness. Click here for a detailed description
Jardin Botanico
The Martín Cárdenas Botanic Garden is a botanical garden in the city of Cochabamba , is a member of the Association of Botanical Gardens of Latin America and the Caribbean , ( ALCJB ) and presents works for the International Agenda for Conservation in the Botanical Gardens , its code of International recognition as a botanical institution is COCHA . Click here for a detailed description
Mano a Mano
Mano a Mano is an organization that builds and provides for infrastructure in marginalized areas, including health clinics and schools. There are specific roles for volunteers with relevant skills, including web design, fund-raising, construction, project management and health provision. Click here for a detailed description
Mosoj Yan
provides rehabilitation and prevention programs to adolescent girls who have lived and worked on the streets or who have suffered abuse. Opportunities include expanding micro-enterprises, running workshops, fundraising, and providing educational assistance. Click here for a detailed description
Movimiento Sonrisa
assists young hospital patients who lack family support as they undergo operations and recovery, and raises money in the local community and abroad to pay for medical care for children whose families cannot afford it. Volunteers can choose to work in one or more of the following wards: burns, traumatology, infectology, surgery and malnutrition. Click here for a detailed description
Niños Con Valor
Niños con Valor (NCV) was founded in 2005 to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of children with difficult and often traumatic pasts, empowering them to move beyond their circumstances, realize their full potential and pass on the values and skills learned to other children in need. Click here for a detailed description
Performing Life
empowers youths who live and/or work on the street through visual and performing arts. Juggling is popular within the organization, and handicrafts are made by children and sold abroad to maximize profits. The money is invested into micro-enterprise projects run by the children and their families. Volunteers may participate in juggling or handicrafts workshops, aid in the micro-enterprise development, or give educational assistance. Click here for a detailed description
Permaculture Research Centre – Mizque
We have setup our land to be a Permaculture Research centre which is situated in a highly productive region comprising small lot farmers. Our aims are to test, demonstrate and propagate environmentally and economically beneficial techniques while living healthily. Click here for a detailed description
The Foundation for Promoting Change in Social-housing PROCASHA is a non-profit organization composed of professionals from different fields committed to housing issues in Bolivia. Procasha contributes to improving the quality of life of the poor in Bolivia, through the management of housing programs and projects, and the provision and implementation of public policies. Click here for a detailed description
Project Independencia
is designed to bring education, materials, distribution channels and greater profits to residents of the rural community of Independencia, by teaching natural dye techniques and to market traditional weavings. Volunteers from a variety of backgrounds are welcome to assist in various aspects of the project. Click here for a detailed description
Smiles Forever
Smiles Forever is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty by giving the opportunity for young indigenous women in poverty to be educated as Dental Hygienists so they can in turn empower and provide for their own families, become leaders in their country of Bolivia, and engage in providing dental care services to the disadvantaged and surrounding impoverished rural communities. Click here for a detailed description
SODIS for Latin America es a private and independent non-profit institution that works to promote solutions for better access to safe drinking water as a way to improve the health and well-being of families that live in rural or periurban areas. Click here for a detailed description
TIA Bolivia
The ValenTIA Transition Center is an initiative of TIA, an Australian based non-profit foundation empowering youth and inspiring brighter futures in Bolivia. Click here for a detailed description
Uyarina - Punto de Encuentro
UYARINA is a word from the quechua language that means “we listen.” PUNTO DE ENCUENTRO is a program to provide attention and treatment (through psychoanalysis methods) to children, youth, and families living in the streets (or at risk of living in the streets) and/or consuming drugs. The majority of the population that they work with is either young parents, addicted to glue-sniffing, HIV positive, or children of these individuals. Click here for a detailed description
Vivo En Positivo
Vivo en Positivo is a civil, non-profit organization formed by people diagnosed with HIV / AIDS. It was created with the purpose of contributing to better quality of life for children, women and men with HIV / AIDS and reducing the risk of infection, especially on the Click here for a detailed description
ZOOPRAMA – Organization for the Protection of Animals and the Environment - is a civil NGO whose foundation is based upon the support of volunteers who hope to promote animal rights and protection. The organization works with birds of prey, street dogs, and other vulnerable animal populations in Cochabamba. Click here for a detailed description