Additional Projects

Scholarship Program

In addition to helping international students and professionals obtain educational experiences, SB provides assistance to qualified students from Bolivia who wish to pursue higher education studies. The “Don and Jackie Taylor” scholarship fund supports low-income Bolivian students who demonstrate the potential for future success… (click here for more information)

Art Residency Program

In an effort to promote the arts in Bolivia and foster cultural exchange, Sustainable Bolivia maintains an Art Residency Program. The program provides a creative space for individuals to explore their art regardless of medium.  Additional benefits include a large studio, local contacts in the art world and an exhibition… (click here for more information)

Documentary Film Project

In an attempt to highlight the work of Sustainable Bolivia’s partner organizations, SB initiated an ongoing documentary film project. The overall objective of our film(s) is to raise awareness of, and to promote, the work of Sustainable Bolivia and its local NGO partners for fund-raising, informative, as well as other… (click here for more information)

Mini-Grant Program

Working alongside local staff, volunteers/interns have access to funds to design a project, or make purchases, to address needs at their place of work. This provides the volunteer/intern with additional responsibilities and further incorporate them into their job placement.  Additionally it provides increased transparency… (click here for more information).

Sustainable Bolivia TV

Sustainable Bolivia is passionate about audiovisual media as a vehicle to promote the work of our partner organizations, share our love for the city of Cochabamba, strengthen the SB community, and help potential volunteers get to know our staff members. Sustainable Bolivia TV is a compilation of all of our videos to date and is a great way to… (click here for more information)

SB’s Organic Garden

One of our favorite projects here at Sustainable Bolivia is our Organic Garden. After a long day’s work there is nothing more refreshing than stepping out into the warm Cochabamba sun to water the plants or pick some fresh herb. Since its inception in 2008, Sustainable Bolivia has been dedicated to promoting all aspects of sustainable living… (click here for more information)

Internal Sustainability Project

Sustainable Bolivia is dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability within our organization and in the larger community. For that reason, we track the resource footprint of our physical operations while also looking for opportunities to expand the definition of sustainability beyond mere environmental impacts… (click here for more information)