Public Health or Medical Volunteer in a Health Post

Sustainable Bolivia currently works alongside two health posts in rural communities located outside the city of Riberalta. SB organizes volunteer placements /internships at these locations for individuals interested in working in the medical care and public health fields, nursing, public health, medical students, and practicing health professionals are encouraged to pursue opportunities at these health posts.

SB’s primary focus is to support these health centers, with a specific focus on health promotion, sexual education, malnutrition, and disease prevention. Additionally, SB helps organize trips to surrounding communities, providing educational talks and workshops.

The Tumichuqua Health Center

The Tumichuqua Health Center serves a rural community, providing health care to a growing community of about 1,000 inhabitants, most of whom come from economically disadvantaged families.

Working conditions
The Health Center is located in a small town called Tumichuqua, outside the city Riberalta in the Bolivian Amazon. There is a direct transport service which usually takes about 40 minutes from Riberalta. The working hours for staff is between 8am and 2pm. Interns and volunteers will have the opportunity to work at the health post, as well as in nearby rural communities.

The Health Center does not operate specific volunteer programs, but all volunteers with experience/knowledge in health care are more than welcome. The Center has an outreach program and volunteers may accompany staff on visits around the community, helping with door to door vaccination campaigns. Staff may try to encourage pregnant women to come into the Center for pre-natal health care as well as familiarizing the community with its services.

Responsabilities may include:

  • Assist and shadow doctors
  • Make door to door visits with staff in the community, aiding them with vaccinations and testing
  • Assist in sexual education workshops or create new workshops (depending on experience)
  • Create and develop programs on various health topics
  • Raise community awareness by participating on campaigns for disease prevention

The Warnes Health Center

The Warnes Health Post is located 15 kilometers outside Riberalta, inside the Aquicuana Reserve. Health care is available free of charge for pregnant women and children under the age  of five. The Center also sends staff members on community visits to educate residents about sexual health, personal hygiene, and disease prevention.

The objective of the health center is to ensure that every member of the community is able to receive basic medical care and attention.

Warnes Community:
The Health Center serves the communities Warnes and San Jose – approximately 500 people, mainly from low-income backgrounds. There is a particular emphasis on disease prevention as well as general medical provision.

Working conditions:
The center is small but relatively well equipped in comparison to some health posts. The staff consists of 2 doctors, 2 nurses and the occasional group of local medical students.


At present the center runs three main programs:

  • Environmental Sanitation & Education
  • Dengue & Chikungunya Prevention
  • General vaccination campaign


  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Health care professional or student of medicine, public health or a related topic
  • Willingness to participate in rural community outreach work
  • Confidentiality with patients
  • Minimum commitment period of 1 month

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