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Patricia Lizbeth Caba Peñaranda

Patricia was born in Potosí in 1981. She began her education at Particular Panamericano school in Potosí and in 1994 she moved to Buenos Aires, where she continued her education. In 2000 she returned to Bolivia to reside in the city of Cochabamba. From 2000 to 2004 she studied Applied Linguistics and Language teaching in San Simon University, while also working as secretary and librarian. From 2005 to 2007 she taught Spanish to foreigners at Projects Abroad; whilst also teaching in schools and institutes as an English teacher. Patricia loves teaching Spanish because she is passionate about sharing her language and culture with foreigners.


Andrea Castro Canelas

Andrea Castro Canelas was born in 1981 in Santa Cruz. She completed her studies in Applied Linguistics at the University of Mayor San Simon in Cochabamba. She has worked as a Spanish professor for Projects Abroad Bolivia and has had various other jobs teaching English and French in public high schools and other private institutions. In addition, Andrea worked as a librarian in a Christian-based library and as a consultant with an international goods shop. Currently she serves as a Sustainable Bolivia Spanish language professor, where she shares Bolivian culture and life with her students. In her free time she likes to play sports and dance.


María Cardozo Aguilar

Maria was born in Cochabamba in 1958. She studied economics at the Universidad Mayor de San Simón and English at the Centro Boliviano Americano. She worked as a Spanish and Quechua professor from 1986 to 1991 in the Maryknoll Language Institute and from 1995 to 2008 for the Peace Corps, where she was also trained and certified as a Language Interviewer (for Spanish and Quechua). She has completed several workshops and courses on language teaching techniques. María loves the cultural exchange that comes with language teaching. In her free time she likes to walk, travel and read.

Elizabeth Callapa Flores

Elizabeth was born in La Paz in 1978. When she was seven she moved to Villa Montes in Tarija and after completing high school she returned to La Paz, where she began her modern languages and linguistics degree at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés. After two years she transferred to Cochabamba where she completed her studies at the Universidad Mayor de San Simón. While studying she completed a course in English at the Centro Boliviano Americano and worked as an English professor in the Californian American School and the English Town Coorporation Institute. She then worked for two years as a Spanish professor for Projects Abroad. She is currently employed as a translator and interpreter for a Christian Foundation and as a Spanish professor for Sustainable Bolivia. Elizabeth loves to use language as a means to share and teach her culture.


Daysi Rivero Villaroel

Daysi Rivero Villarroel was born in Cochabamba in 1986. She studied Applied Linguistics and Language Acquisition at the University Mayor de San Simon. She worked teaching Spanish to kids, teenagers and students in France. While working as a Spanish teacher she participated in Spanish-teaching workshops in the Cervantes Institute of Paris, an institution dedicated to the teaching of Spanish at all levels. She also has experience teaching Spanish to Portuguese and English speakers. Daysi currently teaches French and English in the language laboratory in the Humanities and Educational Sciences Faculty of the San Simon University. During her free time Daisy enjoys biking, embroidering and crocheting, as well as traveling, meeting new people and different cultures. She is recently married and traveled to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for her honeymoon.


Jaqueline Guitierrez

Born in Oruro in 1982, Jaqueline remained there throughout primary and secondary school until she moved to the city of Cochabamba to study Linguistics. During her university studies, Jaqueline also worked as a transcriber and, towards the end of her studies, as a translator in the University Mayor de San Simon. Since her graduation, Jaqueline has worked as an English and Spanish teacher both in public and private institutions. She loves to teach languages as this allows her to share her own culture and learn the culture of others.

Liesbeth Albornoz Uriona

Liesbeth was born in the city of Cochabamba. She studied at the Las Esclavas de Sagrada Corazón de Jesús High School, also known as the Irlandes High School. After working in the Maryknoll Language Institute in La Paz, Liesbeth taught families of embassy staff from China, Korea, England, The Czech Republic and Slovakia. Upon her return to Cochabamba she began work in the Carachipampa Christian School. For the next 10 years—between 1994 and 2008—she served as the Spanish and Quechua Languages Facilitator for the Peace Corps. Liesbeth completed translation work for PCI and acted as a Spanish and Quechua translator for the Andean Baptist Mission of Canada. She has written books in Quechua, an illustrated dictionary and work books in Spanish and Quechua. She continues her 25 year career teaching English, Spanish and Quechua.