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Milli SpenceMilli Spence: National Director

Growing up in an Australian seaside town, Milli loves the ocean and any body of water.  Having travelled internationally since birth she has a passion for exploring new countries and cultures. Milli lived on the island of Oahu Hawai’i for 2 years with her family. Later she participated in a cultural exchange to Brazil returning again for a seminar camp at the age of 18. She worked in England and travelled through Europe before studying first year Chinese Medicine. Milli traveled around Australia, often volunteering at festivals or working in exchange for accommodation. She studied a Permaculture Design Certificate, Ka Huna and Lomi Lomi massage, Mayan Abdominal Massage, meditation and yoga. Returning to Melbourne she lived in a communal warehouse while studying International Development which deepened her respect for grassroots NGOs and fuelled her passion to work internationally. Working for a Melbourne based NGO for 4 years supporting newly arrived refugees and migrants Milli gained experience working cross culturally, project management and intensive case management. Having lived in Mexico for two years cumulatively Milli wanted to explore a different Latin American country and jumped at the opportunity to work for Sustainable Bolivia. Milli adores dancehall tunes, loves jewelry and is a bit of a snob when it comes to coffee and cocktails.

Emily StyuversEmily Stuyvers: Assistant National Director

Emily studied languages ​​and translation at the University of Lyon. Over the years she has taken big steps toward her life’s mission of learning from the world and its people. She has always loved meeting people, expanding her knowledge on global issues, and deepening her own perspective with enriching experiences. Her deep appreciation of the world’s indigenous people gives her a unique and powerful perspective on issues affecting many different populations around the world. Among other traits, this makes her a great fit for roles within activist and philanthropic organizations. Emily has held many different positions and recalls teaching French as a foreign language (FLE) in the French Alliance of Zacatecas, Mexico as one of her most rewarding opportunities. While in Mexico, she was able to learn from natives while experiencing their culture and traditions. She has lived in several other Spanish-speaking countries as well and plans to expand her travels to the Middle East. Emily has been rapidly building a strong portfolio of managing medium to large-scale projects for various organizations here in Bolivia. Her ability to converse with people from different walks of life makes her a unique addition to any organization.

Doctora Garapiña Sandia Sostenible (a.k.a. Piña)

SB’s new director, Piña, joined our family in November 2010 after we deemed her the most beautiful puppy in all of the San Martín de Porres refuge for dogs.  Although we have given her all the attention and amenities any modern dog could ever expect, she is still a street dog at heart. We are yet to discover any food she will not eat which includes meat of all kinds, vegetables and fruits; although she once had an aversion to grapes. She enjoys meeting friends in the park, greeting all new SB volunteers and hiking in the nearby mountains. Piña is bilingual and always does her best to create a warm and positive environment in SB’s main house.


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