The Sustainable Bolivia 2013 Fundraiser

This month, we’re very excited to launch The Sustainable Bolivia 2013 Fundraiser.

Six years. Thirty-four partner organizations. Five hundred and eighty-one volunteers from thirty-nine countries.

It is easy to read those words and just see numbers, but one of the amazing privileges of working for Sustainable Bolivia is the chance to see through those numbers, to see the faces, to remember the names, to cherish the memories of the blood, sweat, and tears that have been poured into our work here in Cochabamba.

Sustainable Bolivia 2013 Fundraiser Image

The last six years have been an incredible journey, and the Sustainable Bolivia torch has passed through many different hands to arrive at where we are today. To date we have raised more than $56,000 dollars for our partner organizations through our mini-grant program, and another $20,000 from individual fundraisers. Every cent of that money has gone towards improving the lives of children and families in Cochabamba, and empowering individuals to take charge of their own futures. We have been blessed with amazing volunteers, volunteers who have helped design and implement dance programs, soccer schools, swimming programs, greenhouses, emergency health funds, and a host of other projects too numerous to count.

This month we are launching our very own fundraiser, The Sustainable Bolivia Fundraising Challenge, where we will attempt to raise $5000 over the next three weeks to help support our efforts and those of our partner organizations. We are not a large organization with a vast budget, we aren’t changing the world with broad legislation or impressive new technology, we are simply a group of passionate individuals who love Cochabamba and who have committed to change this world, this reality that we find right here beneath our feet, and we are asking you to join us. Take a moment to watch our latest video and consider donating to Sustainable Bolivia.

In addition, we would appreciate if you could share our fundraising page with your friends and family on social media, using the links on the left.

Watch the fundraiser video about Sustainable Bolivia and join the challenge!