Red Tinku

The Red Tinku began as a socio-political and cultural network fighting for the rights of low- income families in the department of Cochabamba. Red Tinku was one of the first organizations to place volunteers in the area and has now been in operation for more than twenty years.

Tinku aims to improve the lives of impoverished and marginalized women and children. The organization offers educational and childcare services to the people it serves, as well as raising awareness of rights and encouraging citizens to participate in political decision-making. Tinku focuses a great deal of effort on imparting practical skills, so as to facilitate job searches. Seminars and training workshops are organized to focus on providing vulnerable groups with the means to improve their opportunities for the future.

Who does Tinku help?
Tinku aims to serve socially and economically vulnerable women and children who come from low income backgrounds. These families usually live on the outskirts of Cochabamba, have little or no education, and mainly work as street vendors.

Working conditions:
Tinku’s main office is in the center of Cochabamba and the organization also runs a library and community center on the outskirts.

Tinku Programs:


The Tinkuna provides educational training and support to children and adolescents, and includes a leadership workshop and a library. A small team organize workshops, seminars, theater activities, concerts and other social and cultural events aimed at providing marginalized groups with a rounded education. It is located about 15 minutes’ bus ride from the city center.

Universidad Popular:
Red Tinku organizes regular talks, informal lectures and film evenings in Cochabamba’s main square with the aim of allowing anyone, regardless of their background and resources, to access education for free. Volunteers can help set up and participate in these events.

Volunteer/ internship opportunities include:

  • Assist with extra school help
  • Develop and run workshops
  • Help with administration and fundraising
  • Participate in visits to rural areas
  • Provide psychological, legal, or medical support (dependent upon experience)

Volunteer/ Internship requirements:

  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Knowledge/experience in field mentioned above (e.g. education, accounting, fundraising etc) desirable
  • Experience/willingness to work with children, if applying for Tinkuna
  • Open minded, enthusiastic, good interpersonal skills
  • Minimum commitment period of 3 months