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Important documents for volunteers

To properly prepare for your upcoming volunteering experience with Sustainable Bolivia, we have prepared the following important documents for volunteers.


  • Pre-Arrival Fundraising Kit
    Volunteers receive a monthly contribution from Sustainable Bolivia through our mini-grant program, and many volunteers also raise their own funds to contribute to these projects.
  • Tax Deductions
    American citizens may be entitled to tax deductions for volunteering expenses. This document serves as a concise introduction to the topic.


  • Volunteering Contract
    All volunteers with Sustainable Bolivia must sign and agree to this contract which serves as an agreement between you, Sustainable Bolivia, and the organization for which you’re volunteering.
  • Volunteering Expectations
    Although your time volunteering will be valuable and productive, it is good to keep in mind that volunteering in Bolivia will likely differ from many professional positions you have held in your respective country.
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
    Sustainable Bolivia requires all volunteers to sign and agree to this sexual harassment policy.


  • Guide to Cochabamba | Guía a Cochabamba
    This directory provides information about supermarkets, gyms, restaurants, cultural organizations, emergency and important contacts, and other points of interest in Cochabamba.
  • House Rules
    All occupants of Sustainable Bolivia housing must agree to these communal living guidelines.
  • Living with a Host Family
    This document outlines expectations and guidelines for living with a host family.