Sustainable Bolivia has numerous volunteer and internship opportunities. Available positions cover a range of areas such as education, environmental conservation, healthcare, agriculture, community tourism, the arts and tourism.

All of our placements match individual skills and interests with local needs to provide the most rewarding and beneficial experience.

Placement is determined by applicant interest, as well as time commitment, language ability, and previous experience.  We encourage all interested individuals to review our volunteer/internship opportunities, paying special attention to the minimum requirements. Together, we’ll work together to find the most rewarding experience, while ensuring that our volunteers and interns make a sustainable impact in the community.


As part of the Sustainable Bolivia community, volunteers/interns attain access to funding through our mini grant program, transport from airport upon arrival, wireless internet access, orientation, weekly guest lectures and staff support.

Volunteers can stay in our communal home in the city of Riberalta, or with a carefully-selected family.  All volunteers have the opportunity to visit our plant medicine retreat, walk the trails of the Aquicuana Reserve.

We organize optional social activities including: shared dinners, art exhibitions, movie screenings, as well as yoga classes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)