Volunteer and Intern in Bolivia
By working closely with local people, volunteers/ interns will make a positive difference in the lives of Bolivians in Cochabamba and its surrounding areas.  Opportunities include contributing to the development and implementation of one of Sustainable Bolivia’s projects, or placement within one of our partner non-profits.  All of our placements match individual skills and interests to local needs in order to provide the most rewarding experience. Volunteers/ interns can contribute in a range of areas such as child and adult education, orphan care, environmental conservation, health care, agriculture, and much more.

Sustainable Bolivia Long Term Volunteers (Interns)
Since some institutions require longer time commitments (due to considerable training periods), most of our positions are only available to those able to stay for longer periods of time.  Personal advantages for these individuals include the opportunity to develop deeper relationships with members of the community and the ability to truly see the merit of one’s work. Additionally, interns will benefit professionally as they develop new skills, improve their language abilities and gain cross-cultural experience.  All long term volunteers are considered interns and, if desired, will receive a letter of recommendation upon successful completion of their stay.  Additionally all interns will be given access to mini grant funding to compete a project or make purchases at their internship location.

Short Term Volunteers

Unfortunately due to work, school or financial constraints, many volunteers do not have the capacity to donate months of their time.  With these restrictions in mind, Sustainable Bolivia has developed a range of volunteer opportunities that operate on a short term basis.  We work hard to accommodate all schedules and wants for volunteers who wish to maximize their stay in Bolivia and make a lasting contribution.

What We Offer
Sustainable Bolivia provides full or part-time volunteer placements, access to funding through our mini grant program, free phone calls to over 60 countries worldwide, free transport from airport upon arrival, free wireless internet access, free orientation and city map as well as 24 hour staff support.  Additionally we provide family home stay opportunities, private or shared accommodations and reduced travel prices.  We also organize optional social activities in the evenings and on weekends.