Volunteer/ Internship Opportunities

Sustainable Bolivia supports local and international volunteers interested in making a lasting impact.  This requires organization and oversight.  We work hard to arrange a mutually beneficial volunteer experience.

This following information is constantly evolving and new projects/ volunteer opportunities may be available not reflected in this list below.  If interested in learning more, please send us an email.  If you have a skill-set not reflected in the list below, let us know.  We may still be able to work with you!

* All titles are flexible.  We’ll find one that works for your CV.
* We’res looking for individuals with experience in different healing modalities & creative kitchen skills.

Fundacion Amazonia:

Marketing Assistant
Botanical Garden Assistant
Community-based Ecotourism Coordinator
Communal Living/ Events Coordinator
Public Health/ Medical Volunteer
Art Residents (Visual Arts/ Writing/ Musician)
Graphic Designer
Independent Researcher

Fundacion Amazonia volunteers are SB volunteers – most will stay in our communal home or with a host family.  All volunteers have access to ceremonies held by Pisatahua and events hosted by the Motacu Research Center.

Pisatahua: Plant Medicine Retreat

Plant Mapping Specialist
Mycologist Specialist
Permaculture Specialist
Oil/ Soap Maker
Mental Health Specialist
Art Resident (Visual Arts/ Writing/ Musician)
Independent Researcher

Pisatahua volunteers typically split their time between the Aquicuana Reserve site and our home in Riberalta.