Testimonial: Angeline Annesteus

I came across Sustainible Bolivia as I was looking online for a non-profit organization to do an internship. I was skeptical about it in the first place but after talking to one of the Sustainible Bolivia staff (Alex) I was sure it was the right place for me. Upon my arrival I was received by a warm welcome from the Sustainable Bolivia staffs and the Cochabamba georgeous’ weather. Interning with Sustanaible Bolivia helps me better understand how fantastic Bolivia is specially when it comes to its amazing culture and people-great restaurants, movie theathers, touristic places, discoteques, and so on. Everything is just at a walking distance from the Sustainable Bolivia office and housing. Cochabamba itself offers many sites to explore and food is just delicious. I was specially thrilled by the variety of Bolivia’s fresh and exotic fruits. The organization I was working with is called Instituto de Estudios Internacionales de Bolivia( IDEI-Bo). The staff there are just great and they warmely welcomed me when I first met them. IDEI is an organization partner of Sustainable Bolivia that aims to promote economic and environmental sustainability while providing global educational opportunities and work experience. IDEI works and commits to teaching, conducting research, and analyzing and providing legal assistance to people. The first week of work at IDEI might be hard and bit boring specially if someone does not speak the language and is not interested in political science, law teaching, and international studies. But the staff are so friendly and understanding that you might not even notice so but rather find your way through and get self-oriented/sufficient very quickly. Working with IDEI I was able to contribute to its review (writing/publishing articles), do fundraising, make calendars, film and take picture of its events, working on linking IDEI with other international organizations/ institutions, help designing a course program on defense and security, develop guidelines for IDEI’s best search/use of themes of its interest in its partner organization’s website, among others. I found such a great opportunity in Bolivia and got hands-on experience in those things because of the variety of programs that Sustainable Bolivia offers. I definitely recommend Sustainable Bolivia to any potential volunteer/intern that wish to learn, teach, and serve/help others while at the same time exploring the unique beauty/culture of Bolivia.

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