Testimonial: Anja Brunner

My name is Anja Brunner, I am from Fuerstenzell, Germany, and I have been a volunteer with INFANTE for about four months. I have been working in the Centro Infantil Estrellitas-Waritas and the Casa de la Mujer, which is part of INFANTE’s efforts to help women and children who have become victims of domestic violence recover and reintegrate fully into Bolivian society. Although I started with the idea of working more in the area of conflict prevention, networking and public relations, I soon discovered that working with the children of the center was what really passionated me.

My colleagues were extremely helpful in sharing their experiences and teaching methods, so that after about 2 months and a half I was able to take over own groups of children to do activities with, such as creating jewelry, drawing and reading, as well as working individually with children who needed support in school subjects such as mathematics and language training. Together with my colleagues Micaela, Maria, Marisol and Vivi, I also had the chance to visit schools and youth meetings to hold workshops about subjects such as violence prevention, sexual education and political participation for children in their barrios, to show marginalized children, adolescents and women a perspective for their future and help them deal with the daily problems they encounter in their environment. Working with them has become one of my true passions, and I strongly consider changing my future career plans to go into education.

Thank you INFANTE for that great opportunity, the love you shared with me and the countless little joys and also sometimes difficult experiences I was allowed to share with you. I hope to come back soon!

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