Testimonial: Charles Beddingfield

Through the options of Spanish classes, a homestay or a house in the middle of the city, a job working directly with or without people, and work with or independent of an open and friendly staff, Sustainable Bolivia helped me tailor the exact amount of support and help that I wanted in a foreign country with foreign culture, while still advising and monitoring my stay enough to make it a perfectly enjoyable and educating experience.

The other volunteers at Sustainable Bolivia were also tremendous help. Whether it was someone to take me to my first bar, or someone with whom to discuss Spanish adverbs, to someone to loan me food when I ran out, the members of Sustainable Bolivia were the perfect combination of mentors and friends. I must also say that the selection of my job was professionally and carefully done. The staff of Sustainable Bolivia found me a volunteer position that matched my interests very well, while still being exciting and challenging. The follow-up by the office staff provided me with numerous chances to ask for help, advice, or a new position.

I can’t imagine how my stay in Bolivia would have been without the help and support of the Sustainable Bolivia program. They are dedicated to working towards their goals in the country, while still being friendly and human and accessible. When the Executive director lives in the same house, and makes a quesadilla for you when you’re hungry, when the Director of Volunteer programs teaches you how to use the Microbus system and then negotiates your job with your new boss because your Spanish isn’t quite up to par, you know that you’ve found a good place. Bolivia is an amazing country. I can honestly say that it has changed me thoroughly and has taught me things that I couldn’t have learned at home.

The people are a unique blend of familiar kindness and exotic toughness, and will make you see the world in a way that no one else can. And the perfect way to touch this culture, to interact with these people is a volunteer position helping some of the problems we all share, and the best way to become a volunteer in Bolivia is through Sustainable Bolivia. Whether you are independent but inexperienced, like I was, or a savvy traveler who wants to work with people in a concerted effort, Sustainable Bolivia can offer you the perfect blend of exposure and support, in a friendly, familial setting that you can’t even find anywhere else in Bolivia.

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