Testimonial: Jessica Fahey

Being a volunteer with Sustainable Bolivia is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your travel experience, embrace the local culture and meet loads of great people! I knew before leaving to go overseas that I really wanted to do some volunteer work but hadn’t arranged anything before I left Australia. Sustainable Bolivia was great for me, as I was able to organise volunteering at the last minute.

Another plus for me was that it didn’t blow my backpacking budget out of the water – very reasonable, especially comparative to some of the costs of other organisations. Eric was very efficient in terms of replying to my emails and arranging everything from accommodation to my Spanish lessons, which I started pretty much straight away. My teacher was Patricia – wonderful and patient despite having a poor student!

My lessons, taken in the morning at the volunteer house, were loads of fun, and really made a huge difference…. I would recommend them to everyone! After Spanish lessons I headed off to La Colonia to be greeted with huge hugs and even bigger smiles from all the kids there. Typically, we would play, read with the kids and help them with homework. Going to La Colonia was a joy – the kids and the founders of the orphanage are all fantastic people to be around. Being part of the Sustainable Bolivia team really was a great experience and without a doubt one of the biggest highlights of my travels!

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