Lucie Dabos

It was my first experience as a volunteer, and I’m absolutely not disappointed! I would be happy to renew the experience!

The team of the NGO welcomed me very well and supported me on this adventure. I have exceeded my abilities and explored activities that I did not think I could do before, such as being able to communicate (I would not say speak properly yet!) in Spanish. For this, my Spanish lessons allowed me to progress a lot, as well as to live in a Bolivian family.

I have worked on the Ecotourism project for the Aquicuana Reserve and working with communities has been very rewarding both professionally and personally. I am happy to have seen this project at the very start, and I hope I could add my little contribution to this project as well as to promote the city of Riberalta. For the moment, the city is not at all touristy (and maybe it’s what I liked about it too!) but there really is a potential for development in the coming years. Maybe I’ll come back again and see how things have changed, who knows!

I recommend this association for all those who wish to be useful and give some of their time in the warm atmosphere of the city of Riberalta and the extraordinary diversity of the Amazon!

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